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I became a doctor for the reasons most people do—because I wanted to save lives, pure and simple. In my heart of hearts, I believe a doctor is so much more than a person who dispenses medication or marks off symptoms like a checklist at a sushi bar.

1. The Plant-Based Solution

He or she should treat the whole person. I make it a point to get to know each patient as a person before I put a stethoscope to his or her chest. I run my office a little differently than most places. Nowadays, you spend more time waiting in the examining room than you did in the waiting room. In fact, you spend more time in the examining room than the person who decorated it.

It's almost like going to a restaurant and being told that, even though you have a reservation, you have to sit at the bar for a while. The only difference is that in the doctor's office, no one offers you a cocktail, and you have to wear a boxy blue paper exam gown that opens in the front. The next time you have to wait in the examining room, do some fun things to pass the time. Glue the tongue depressors together into coasters and sell them to other patients. Or peel off all the wallpaper without disturbing any of the diplomas.

I do things differently in my office. My patients don't wait forever. My patients oftentimes don't even sit on the examining table when I talk to them. I sit on the examining table and they get the comfortable chair. The butcher paper upholstering the examining table is wonderful to draw on. Sometimes I hop off the table and start drawing pictures of organs to explain things to patients. I'm responsible for 2, patients, though not all in one day.

Many of them are women, and 80 percent of my new patients are overweight. Most know it. One of the things I've always found interesting is that my patients often come in with a complaint of back pain, or knee pain or just plain old fatigue. Before I can get a word out, they say, "I know it's because I'm fat. Ever since I became a doctor, I've always been concerned with prevention. Prevention is the doorway to longevity. I hate shoving medications at problems that can be fixed with simple changes in lifestyle. A good example is a patient I'll call Sharon, age Sharon has type 2 diabetes.

When I first started seeing her, she was taking oral diabetes medication. Once she changed to a healthier diet and started walking regularly with a friend, she was able to get off all her meds. What a triumph that was! Then about a year ago, Sharon came in for her regular appointment. We reviewed the results of her latest blood work. Her sugars were through the roof. Her A1C test, which reflects a patient's blood sugar over the past 90 days, was suddenly out of range. As we talked, Sharon told me that she no longer had a walking partner so she quit exercising altogether.

I couldn't bear to see her health slip. And so I became her walking partner. Before long, others joined us. Our walking group became affectionately known as Walk with Your Doc and has swelled to sometimes more than 50 people of all ages. We walk every Tuesday and Thursday morning without fail. I love it, because I thrive on helping people live full, healthy, active lives. Of course, a huge part of prevention is weight management. You see, the death toll racked up by heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and all the other fat-related diseases is scary.

Studies even associate obesity with poor immune function. That makes overweight people more susceptible to infections and cancer. Obesity will kill far more Americans each year than any terrorist would dare dream of taking out. Everybody knows this. I'm just bringing it up again to remind you that tubs of ice cream and bags full of chips are not worth shortening your life over. Yes, but I won't be asking you to sweat to golden oldies, pump it up or feel the burn.

In other words—no overexercising. Since you'll be scaling back on calories, you should do less exercising, or else you'll get too run down and sore, especially during the first two Cycles. I will ask you, however, to do just 17 minutes a day of easy exercising like walking. It's cardio-based and geared toward pure fat-burning. So put down this book. Do this workout, or go outside and walk around your neighborhood for 17 minutes.

Then come back and pick up where you left off.

Tim Tebow Explains How The Keto Diet Breaks Down Fat

We're already in so much trouble with trans fats, cheap sugars, excess sodium, and unpronounceable additives jazzing up junk food—stuff that causes your arteries to clog up like rusty pipes. With everything plaguing the American diet, I had to concentrate on creating a program that would be safe, effective and produce quick but lasting results. People had to get the weight off, then learn how to keep it off. I didn't want to tell my patients to go on this diet or that diet because many diets out there are nutritionally unbalanced, hard to follow, or just don't work fast enough to keep you motivated.

Thus, the 17 Day Diet evolved. It uses the latest medical knowledge on nutrition, foods and what the body needs for successful weight loss and good health. Let me add here: You should check with your own physician before starting this program. Your doctor knows what's best for you. Based on my experience with my own patients, most people who have gotten out of shape over the years can follow the 17 Day Diet and do very well on it, though results can vary.

Whether you've got 10 pounds to lose or a hundred, being overweight is one of life's lesser joys. It affects every aspect of your life, maybe some things you never thought about. When you lose weight, practically everything in your life will change for the better. Let's talk about this now. You're going to be focused on losing pounds and inches. Some days, you might get a little discouraged if the scale doesn't move down fast enough, even though this diet does help prevent plateaus. But there's absolutely nothing to be discouraged about. There are other wonderful things happening inside your body that won't be reflected on the scale, like your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol decreasing.

Okay, I realize that right now you might not care about these things. You just want to slip into that sexy black number hanging in your closet But it's important to understand that your weight and health are not separate issues. Being overweight is a symptom of being unhealthy. Focus on your weight and your health will improve—instantly. Consider what the results of various research studies say about the rather immediate effects of healthy nutrition on the body:. After 15 minutes: After the first morning of eating a healthy breakfast , your stomach's satiety signals have registered in your brain, and you feel full.

The body's internal chemistry is at its most active first thing in the morning, so your breakfast is then used to the maximum. If you eliminated processed foods white bread, sugary cereals for whole grains and lean proteins like egg whites, along with fresh fruit, you should feel energetic and mentally alert after just one meal.

9 Best Diet Books of According To Registered Dietitians

After 3 hours: Your artery linings are able to expand sufficiently to increase blood flow to the body's tissues and organs. You can think of LDLs as delivery trucks, depositing cholesterol in blood vessels, and HDLs as garbage trucks, taking them back to the liver where they're broken down. After 12 hours: Your body finally has an opportunity to burn the fat it has stored for energy because you've eliminated sugar. When you're eating a lot of sugar, your body is so busy processing the sugar that it doesn't have time to do its other job, which is to help the body burn fat.

So guess what? The fat ends up hanging around. After 24 hours: You're 1 to 2 pounds lighter, because your body has begun to flush excess water and toxins from your system. After 3 days: Once your body senses it's losing weight, its blood-related numbers cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar start traveling in a healthy direction. After 1 week: Your cholesterol levels can drop significantly. Blood levels of important disease-fighting antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E are higher.

Your bowels are in better working order, and you should be at least 5 pounds lighter. After 2 weeks: You'll experience healthy drops in blood pressure if you've been diagnosed with hypertension. Expect to have lost up to 10 pounds by now. After 1 month: Nobody has to filter out chunks of fast food from your blood anymore.

By now, blood levels of LDL cholesterol can fall by nearly 30 percent—a drop similar to that seen with some cholesterol-lowering drugs. After 6 weeks: You've lost so much weight you can't buy new, smaller clothes fast enough. Yes, you should have lost quite a bit of weight 20 pounds is not unusual , and your blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels will be substantially improved.

After 12 weeks: Many significant health numbers—cholesterol, triglycerides fat in the blood , blood pressure, glucose and insulin—should begin to, if not completely, normalize. After 6 months: You'll feel healthier because your body will be retaining more vitamins and minerals. Because you reduced your sugar intake significantly over this period, insulin production will have normalized.

So your risk of developing type 2 diabetes is reduced, as this can be linked to a larger intake of sugar. Your energy levels have improved dramatically because your body has gone through a detoxing process. You've probably reached your goal. The hardest work is over, and now it's time to learn how to eat to maintain your newly slender silhouette. Pretty amazing what a good diet can do, right? Don't you want all of this? Be brutally honest here: if you really want something you'll find a way to get it. So if you find yourself saying, "I didn't have time to prepare healthy food," let me ask you this: would you have found time if your life depended on it?

Well, it does. Not only does slouching make your belly protrude, but it gives your core muscles an undeserved break. Standing erect, with the stomach held in, encourages the abs to work and can make you look slimmer naturally—and in an instant. When you're fit and in shape, you're much more datable. In one survey of undergrads, researchers found that overweight women were less likely to date than their peers.

What's more, you're marriage material if you're thin. Research shows that overweight women are significantly less likely to marry than are women of average weight, particularly if they were overweight as young adults. Losing weight can do wonders for your sex life, too.

Duke University researchers did a study of extremely obese adults, who were asked about their sex lives before and after they lost weight. It turned out the proportion of women who did not feel sexually attractive fell from 68 percent before they began a weight loss program to 26 percent a year later. There were similar decreases in the percentages of women who didn't want to be seen naked, had little sexual drive, avoided sexual encounters, had difficulty with sexual performance or didn't enjoy sex.

Among men, sex improved in most of the categories, but the improvements were less dramatic, probably because there are a lot more appearance-related pressures on women. The romantic world revolves around physical appearances. If you want a love life with great sex, lose the weight. Get in shape and you can improve your financial shape too. It's considerably more expensive to be unfit than it is to be fit, mainly because you're sicker more often and you pay higher medical bills.

People who are overweight, and particularly those who are obese, are significantly more likely to have expensive-to-treat diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. And while I'm at it, did you know your employment prospects will improve after you lose weight? It's true! People with weight problems sometimes don't get hired.

In the job market, appearance counts for a lot. Employers think fat people are lazy, incompetent, slow-moving and might have poor attendance. Studies have shown that fat people are paid less than employees of average weight. I hate fat discrimination. It's wrong. But this is the world we live in.

It's not going to change anytime soon, so get over it. Lose weight and you won't have to deal with it. Thin people look better, and, like it or not, get paid more. If you're trim and healthy, you don't have an absentee problem.

17 Day Diet: Quick and Easy Overview

You might even be more productive on the job. All of this helps your earning potential. So if you want to live well and make your mortgage or rent payment, get those pounds off. If my message seems too in-your-face, I apologize for the delivery—but not for the content. I'm speaking out because I care. I just want you to get healthy and enjoy your life to the fullest. Take this quiz to see if you are ready to go on the 17 Day Diet.

A successful and healthy weight loss requires the right frame of mind. Circle the answer that best describes your level of commitment. When I think about starting the 17 Day Diet, I feel excited. Yes B. Somewhat C. Unsure D. Not at all. I feel that weight loss and fitness are very important. I am determined to eat more healthfully. I want to look better and feel sexier. I am willing to follow the food plans in this book. I will eat more fruits and vegetables.

Replace soda or sweet tea with sugar-free drinks.

I will give up soft drinks, candy and other sweets while following this diet. I will scale back on my alcohol intake. I will prepare more meals at home and eat out less frequently. I will increase my water intake. I am willing to cut back on starchy foods like white bread, pasta and sugary breakfast cereals. I feel confident that I can stick to this plan for at least 17 days. I will eat at least 3 meals and 1 snack a day. I will not make excuses to sabotage myself. I can commit to exercising at least 17 minutes a day. First of all, this diet plan works fast. It literally burns off fat by the hour.

If you go on this diet in the morning you will lose weight before lunch.

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You lose weight faster on this diet than if you ran 7 miles every day. This is probably the fastest safe diet in the world. If you find a diet that works faster I will buy it from you and gladly pay good money for it. You will never lose weight and keep it off on any diet that leaves you hungry.

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Hunger is an irresistible force. Sooner or later, will power will always gives into hunger. This diet brings hunger to a dead full stop. You will never be hungry. It is safe. Besides, it is not necessary. You can lose weight fast on this diet plus get healthier every day you stay on it. Automatic Weight Loss Right after you go on the diet you start to lose weight automatically. I think this diet is the best way to lose weight I have ever heard about. In short, this diet is fast, safe and simple.

These Are the Best Diet Books to Help You Lose Weight — and Keep It Off for Good

This diet plan is different from any other. This diet forces you to form a very new habit. This new habit is pleasurable and fun. This habit makes it possible to stay on any diet for life without ever feeling deprived. This new habit makes everything easy. It is so simple you will wonder why you never thought of it yourself.

A sparkling new body This diet has been a godsend to me. I have a sparkling new body. I have lost 75 pounds. I now weigh pounds and I wear a size 6 dress. I used to wear an I have more energy now than I had when I was a teenager. My friends say I look 15 years younger. I enjoy peace of mind I have never before experienced.

I feel good all the time. Best of all, my husband has fallen in love with me all over again. Will this amazing little diet work for you? I am sure it will. All I ask is that you be open-minded enough to give me a chance to prove it. It is easy to read. It tells you exactly what to do step by step. You can read this book in one evening.