Traps Need Fresh Bait (Cool & Lam)

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The meat we put in these traps is bait.

Man lures ants to traps with promise of 'sexy ant dancers'

For crocodiles. Before they achieved internet infamy, the men, who have not been publicly identified, seemed to be having a good time.

A picture shows them splashing around inside the trap, which was set in Port Douglas marina in the northern reaches of Queensland. One or two of the men appear to be smiling, as if they were out enjoying a normal swim, without a reptile-related care in the world. The trap was set not far from where a crocodile killed and ate a year-old woman who went missing this month after going on a walk near a nursing home.

Quick Auto Hook (2 pieces)- DIY Fishing Tackle - Авто крюк - Lưỡi Câu Tự Đóng

In a separate radio interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Ms. For a detailed account of who he is, check the Wikipedia entry.

Gregory House David Shore. So, if you happen to like them then you will also want to read Mason's cases.

Traps Need Fresh Bait

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