The Road To Kalamata: A Congo Mercenarys Personal Memoir

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In order for the plan to work, he disguised the mercenaries as a rugby club, and hid AKs in the bottom of his luggage, as he explained in his book The Seychelles Affair :.

Mad Mike Hoare

The fighting started prematurely when one of Hoare's men accidentally got in the "something to declare" line and the customs officer insisted on searching his bag. The rifles were well-concealed in the false-bottomed kitbags but the rifle was found and the customs man, running from the scene, sounded the alarm. One of Hoare's men pulled his own, disassembled AK from the concealed compartment in the luggage, assembled it, loaded it and shot the escaping customs man before he could reach the other side of the building.

The plan for the coup proceeded despite this set-back with one team of Hoare's men attempting to capture a barracks.


Fighting ensued at the airport and in the middle of this, an Air India jet Air India Boeing aircraft Flight , landed at the airport, damaging a flap on one of the trucks strewn on the runway. Hoare managed to negotiate a ceasefire before the aircraft and passengers were caught in the crossfire.

After several hours, the mercenaries found themselves in an unfavorable position and some wanted to depart on the aircraft, which needed fuel. Hoare conceded and the captain of the aircraft allowed them on board after Hoare had found fuel for the aircraft. On board, Hoare asked the captain why he had landed when he had been informed of the fighting taking place and he responded that once the aircraft had started to descend, he did not have enough fuel to climb the aircraft back to cruising altitude and still make his destination.

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Hoare's men still had their weapons and Hoare asked the captain if he would allow the door to be opened so they could ditch the weapons over the sea before they returned to South Africa, but the captain laughed at Hoare's out-of-date knowledge on how pressurized aircraft functioned and told him it would not be possible.

Four of the mercenary soldiers were left behind and were convicted of treason in the Seychelles. The UN report concluded that South African defence agencies were involved, including supplying weapons and ammunition.

SOUTH AFRICAN MERCENARIES: TULLIO MONETA, "Chifambausiku", Actor and mercenary in Congo.

Being associated with the South African security services, the hijackers were initially charged with kidnapping, which carries no minimum sentence, but this was upgraded to hijacking after international pressure. Mike Hoare was found guilty of airplane hijacking and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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In total, 42 of the 43 alleged hijackers were convicted. One of the mercenaries, an American veteran of the Second Indochina War , was found not guilty of hijacking, as he had been seriously wounded in the firefight and was loaded aboard while sedated. As the process required some information on former military service and military specialties, many reports called this a recruitment drive. Faced with this situation, the Congolese government hired legendary mercenary leader Mike Hoare to quell the uprising and bring order to the country.

In Congo Mercenary, Mike Hoare tells the true story of his resolute band of mercenaries during the Congo war. In fascinating detail, Hoare describes how the mercenaries were recruited and trained, and then recounts their adventures through four combat campaigns over an month period during which they liberated Stanleyville, fought rebels in the hinterland, freed hundreds of European hostages and restored law and order to the Congo.

The Road to Kalamata: A Congo Mercenary's Personal Memoir

Originally published in , and now including a new foreword by Mike Hoare, Congo Mercenary is a well-written and historically important account of one of the most brutal rebellions in Africa, as well as an accurate and gritty depiction of the mercenary life. The road to Kalamata : a Congo mercenary's personal memoir by Mike Hoare Book 7 editions published between and in English and held by 82 WorldCat member libraries worldwide The Road to Kalamata is the real-life adventure story the 4 Commando team of mercenary soldiers, as told by their leader, Col.

Mad Mike Hoare.

Congo warriors by Mike Hoare Book 4 editions published between and in 3 languages and held by 45 WorldCat member libraries worldwide An account of war-torn days spent fighting the Simba rebels. Mercenary by Mike Hoare Book 8 editions published between and in English and Undetermined and held by 40 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Three years with Sylvia by Mike Hoare Book 2 editions published between and in English and held by 39 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. A picture inside of Mike Hoare and his autograph next to it. Auction 78 begins on 10 Oct GMT. Remember me. Sign in. Sign up for our newsletter. Add to Wants List.

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