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So, you know, when the U. NARRATOR : Mark Lehner believes the evidence that the workforce was well-organized, cared for and skilled makes sense, considering the audacious scale and precision of the construction project.

The Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid Steven Myers

The first Egyptian pyramid was a step structure, built by the architect Imhotep for the burial of the Pharaoh Djoser, around B. It consisted of six tiers, rising to almost feet. He launched a campaign of pyramid building on an unprecedented scale. The Bent Pyramid is named after the abrupt bend in the angle of its sides. They made the slope too steep, and the structure kept threatening to collapse, so twice, they changed their plan and reduced it to a safer angle. The precision of its planning began before a single stone was laid onsite.

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Its base is a near-perfect square, each side measuring feet. And they look up with awe. From an engineering point of view, when you come to a place like this, you look down, because the clues of how they built the pyramid are written in stone, on a scale of acres here. At the base of the monument, engineer Glen Dash finds evidence that the foundations were meticulously prepared, before construction began.

And originally, the bedrock sloped at a six-degree angle from the northwest to the southeast. They carved all of that away.

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They would lay out, on the bedrock, a platform. The platform itself is one of the miracles of the pyramid. That was one of the keys, the perfectly flat, perfect platform to build the perfect pyramid. But in a time before the invention of the magnetic compass, how could the architects have laid out the square base of the pyramid accurately? Glen has a theory.

You just have to do the test on either the spring or the fall equinox. NARRATOR : The equinoxes are the two days each year that fall midway between mid-summer and mid-winter, and ancient Egyptian sky watchers would have noticed that on those days the sun rose and set directly east-west, casting a near perfect west-east shadow line as it passed. Glen argues that by marking the tip of that shadow as it moved, with stones, for example, the architects could lay out an accurate east-to-west line.

Like every aspect of its design, the orientation of the pyramid had symbolic significance. So, it was the similarity between the lifecycle and resurrection of the sun and the lifecycle and resurrection of the king that leads us to believe that the pyramid was primarily a solar monument. Now, if you were a king, you had responsibilities, because you were not just a human being, you were a god. And, as that, you were a son of the sun god, and you allied to the sun god. The king went across through the night sky, battling against the demons of darkness, and then had to emerge, we hope victorious, the next day, so that Egypt would live, so that the land would flourish and that life would continue.

Inside are three chambers, joined to the outside by a network of passageways. None of these internal structures were ever meant to be seen once the pyramid was complete. Nevertheless, they are built with the same precision and attention to detail as the huge platform the pyramid sits on.

Here is, essentially, this great granite-lined box, built, for the most part, to contain the body of the king. There must have been spiritual power that made them take these choices. All of the weight of the stone between this ceiling and the top of the pyramid would be bearing down on this flat surface with no support in the chamber below to hold it up.

Yet, 4, years later, it is still intact. How is that possible? In , a British antiquarian, Major General Howard Vyse, solved the puzzle by discovering what was above the granite slabs that formed the flat roof. NARRATOR : Vyse used gunpowder to blow a series of holes up through the heart of the pyramid and discovered not one hidden chamber, but a stack of five empty granite roof spaces and, at the very top, a large sloping gabled roof.


MARK LEHNER : They were over-engineering, because they had never really done this before, so that the pyramid, the very thing that was meant to protect the king and ensure his resurrection would not collapse and crush his mortal remains. In this barren landscape, archaeologists have discovered a unique written record. To cut massive stones, the builders needed high quality metal tools.

The only metal readily available to the Egyptians was copper, which was mined in the Sinai and ferried across the Red Sea to this port at Wadi al-Jarf. And you, when you are building huge structures in limestone, like pyramids, you dramatically need copper. They then made a surprising discovery. It was inscribed with the name of Khufu. But nothing prepared them for what they found next. That name was Khufu. In , Pierre Tallet published the first volume of his analysis of these ancient writings.

His research included traveling to Egypt to conduct extensive onsite research at the Giza Plateau. Steven Myers has written numerous magazine articles and given many lectures on the subject of the Great Pyramid. Compiling his research into two books which provide a comprehensive and detailed explanation of how the Great Pyramid was built and why.

He has also founded a nonprofit foundation dedicated in understanding how and why the Great Pyramid was built. The mission of this foundation is to redevelop these ancient but advanced technologies to help our modern but troubled world. The foundation's web site is at: www. Steven Myers lives in southwestern Oregon with his wife and two dogs. Astounding works built and destroyed. Debilitating wars, invasions, famines and religious revolution.

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  4. Like a millenia-old tennis match, it has gone from foreign occupation to proud independence, over and over again, right up until present time. Each year during this troubled decade, I have personally journeyed to Cairo and Egypt as a traveller, tour leader, and even an archaeology student.

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    I have visited Giza when it has been like a ghost town and climbed into the Great Pyramid, all alone. I have seen the tombs in the Valley shut their doors, dwindling down to a mere few open for business due to lack of tourists and resources. I have seen guards in tattered clothes leaning against their posts with broken, duct-taped machine guns. Shook my head as those iconic grand hotels of Cairo boarded up their doors. Witnessed heaps of rotting garbage piled up around the great avenue of the Sphinxes, and in great tombs grown desolate.

    Been rushed by young boys in the street begging me for a few pizza crusts because they were desperately hungry. But all this has now changed — or is in the process of changing fast. Crowds of joyful tourists are again flooding the plateau, museums and the great sites. The parking lots full of buses again.

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    The travel warnings lifted. The streets are clean and safe. The boats are on the Nile. Hotels are re-opening, refurbishing — even expanding.

    The great sites are neatly swept and back in business. Travellers from Asia, Europe, Russia and the Americas are flocking back to stand in awe before the great wonders, filling the streets with multi-tongued chatter, laughter, shouts, excitement… and hope. Certainly, Cairo must boost its economy, to ensure a future for its youth -- and the preservation of its great past. But, at the forefront driving change is a massive investment in the greatest museum of them all, the GEM, slated to open its doors near the pyramids next year….

    Here are five reasons to come back to witness to rejuvenation and triumphant rebirth of Egypt, and Cairo in particular, in coming years.