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25. Scrooged (1988)

Whereas most horror movies are content to give us darkened rooms and billowing curtains, Crimson Peak is crafted to visual perfection, like a ghost train designed by Caravaggio. New house? Things that go bump in the night?

Throw in a brilliant performance from Barbara Crampton as a woman who recently lost her son and this manages to be a ghost story with real heart amongst the strange noises and smoke coming from the basement. One of those rare films than can be near-enough defined as perfect, Ghostbusters is the most flawlessly balanced, cleverly envisioned, expertly performed horror comedy ever made.

Largely played for laughs, this does have oddly metaphysical twist as the main characters George Grant and Marion Bennett have done so little with their lives they neither go to heaven or hell, and remain on Earth in ghostly limbo.

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Written and directed by the man behind the new IT movie arriving later this year, Andres Muschietti, this creepy and disturbing tale sees two young girls abandoned in the woods after their father has a meltdown and kills his wife. The pair end up in an old cabin in the woods with their deranged father who plans on killing them and then himself but something stops him literally dead.

The kind of black and white movie not to watch alone, this Henry James adaptation is truly spine-tingling. This is the kind of ghost story that once upon a time you might have accidentally recorded at 2am and subsequently let it haunt your nightmares for years. Sinister is nasty. Blumhouse Productions was well into its stride by and cinema audiences were clearly hungry for more horror, making this probably the most disturbing entry on this list content wise.

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A ghost tale with a twist, this is a violent haunted house affair. True crime writer Ellison Oswalt Ethan Hawke moves into an actual murder house with his clueless family but immediately finds a box of disturbing film reels in the attic. Oh, and the nasty? Sweet dreams. The Spanish, and Guillermo del Toro in particular, have perfected the art of terrifying ghost stories involving tragically wronged children. Just wanting to not to be alone anymore.

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In this case Santi, a chilling apparition of a wounded boy with a head bleeding upwards as if underwater. In a story that encompasses the Spanish Civil War, lost gold, feuding lovers and more, Santi is eventually revealed to a be an orphan accidentally killed and dropped in a cistern. Far from evil, he just wants closure and a little revenge. Current page: Page 1. Page 1 of 3: Page 1 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3. Who's afraid of no ghosts?