Starting New Churches on Purpose

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Welcome to New City Church

Gather a core group. Recruit people who will partner with you in ministry. Once you have this core group, determine what role each individual should play, based on personal strengths and weaknesses. Study the community where you want to start a church. Learn about area demographics and the needs of the people who live around the site for your church.

Plan how to reach out to the community. They currently have three children, Caroline, Caleb and Elijah, who each have their own hilarious personalities and bring their parents much joy! We exist to embody and express the Gospel of Grace in our community and around the world.

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Restore is led by Zach Lambert. Zach was born and raised in Austin where he met his wife, Amy, in the 6th grade. Zach likes to watch college basketball and listens to Christmas music year-round. He and Amy love discovering local Mexican food places, listening to live music, and playing with their son Judah. Colorado is a place that we have always loved.


While Hawaii is a beautiful setting, the challenges are equally stunning. In addition to high rate of drug use and dependence on welfare, importing basic necessities drive up the cost of living in Hawaii, resulting in a struggle for many to survive.

Purpose Driven Church: New Hope For Your Church

Because of the Gospel, church planting continues to change lives. They have loved Hawaii and its people since they first began going there on vacation over ten years ago. After realizing the Spiritual confusion of this land, God started a work in their lives and began to burden their hearts for the people. Their heart is to plant their lives there serving and raising up natives of the islands to plant churches throughout the islands and surrounding lands to reach the lost of the Pacific Rim.

Church Planting.


Is there a better way to fulfill each purpose? Most Purpose Driven Churches are built from the outside-in, rather than in the traditional way from the inside out.

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You build a healthy multidimensional ministry by focusing on one level of commitment at a time. Razor sharp focus on helping people find and follow Jesus, along with careful and regular evaluation, are always marks of high performing congregations.

Church Planting: Purpose - LCMC

When it comes to growing churches, we reap what we sow! To learn more about becoming a Purpose Driven Church, visit pd. Skip to content. Purpose Driven Church. What is PD?

A Practical How-To Training for Church Planters

Trainings Events Resources Blog Menu. Get Started. Prev Parkway Church, Victoria, Texas. Twelve Characteristics of a Purpose Driven Church. Discipleship , Evangelism , Fellowship , News , Worship.

Church Planting: Purpose

There are, however, twelve characteristics that purpose driven churches share: 1. They budget by purpose. Every expenditure is categorized by the purpose it relates to. Share on email. Share on facebook.