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Eric Jay had sexually plundered both his middle-aged mother, Twila Mae, and his future daughter, VeNietta, that day. He closed his eyes, a half-smile of sheer relief appearing. Cooling sweat […]. Wishing to fuck […]. He gawked at Twila […]. An odd cosmic coitus drew nineteen-year-old Twila Mae and her two identical male companions of nearly the same age, one of whom she had only learned […].

All of creation stood in silent awe as male and female became one. Alina decided to visit another planet to pull off a massive heist. She went for the Gargoylians. She heard the Queen of this planet had a massive room, full of jewels and gold. She did all of her research, made maps of how she was going to do it and figured out the timing so […]. Father Paul out of the corner of his eyes often caught on to these little gestures between Francis and Maria and was very jealous and very hot for Sister Maria himself.

They both were ashamed and both gave each other penance to say […]. I found that strange. He had his bath, but, he forbade my wife from having her bath - and she had not bathed since almost 48 hours! After his bath, AmeerchandJi wore only his dhoti and came into the room bare bodied. It was a thin cotton dhoti! He was wearing a langoti! I could make out his pendulous huge penis thru' the dhoti! Thankfully it was not erect! His body was huge! It was covered with small short hair all over.

He then poured himself a large glass of whisky. He then asked for the news paper and kept drinking the whisky, while reading. Within the next half an hour, he had almost five large pegs. He finished his paper. He asked me where my wife was. I pointed to the kitchen.

My Wife's Sacrifice - Pt. 02

He walked over. I could see thru' the open door. He walked over to my wife and once again encircled her waist with his huge arms, from behind. He turned her face towards himself and thrust his tongue thru' her soft lips into her mouth. Now his arms came up and cupped her breasts. He started pushing his crotch over her buttocks, thru' her saree. His palms started playing with and fondling her breasts, while he had pulled my wife's tongue into his mouth and was sucking on it.

His arms now came down to her buttocks and started caressing her buttocks. He would first squeeze them and then push his crotch into them, thru' her saree!

He kept this up for the next two minutes and then once again his arms came up and cupped her breasts. I could see them clearly. Curiously, looking at this old man playing with a woman young enough to be his grand-daughter, I once again got an erection! I could not understand, why, instead of feeling rage, I was getting excited. AmeerchandJi now pulled off my wife's saree completely and then un-hooked her blouse - leaving her in her white bra and her white petticoat!

His arms started roaming all over her body. He lifted her arms. Her arm pits had a thick growth of hair - as, being a village woman, she never shaved her body. More importantly, I had liked her to have hair in her arm pits and over her vagina! Now, I saw that AmeerchandJi had similar tastes. The moment he saw my wife's arm pit hair, he gurgled with pleasure and pushed his head to them.

He started smelling and deeply inhaling her armpits! I am sure that they were giving out a pungent smell, as she had not washed.

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But he seemed to relish the smell and get excited by it! He now dragged my wife into the bedroom. He first put my lovely, innocent wife down, sat on the bed and pulled her to sit on his lap. Now he started fondling and caressing my wife's breasts thru' her blouse, while kissing and sucking her tongue. One of his arms then came down and pulled up my beautiful, young wife's petticoat right up to her lovely, smooth, silky thighs. He started rubbing, patting and squeezing her thighs, as well as fondling her tender breasts.

Slowly he put my beautiful, young wife down on the bed, face up, unhooked her bra and removed it. He then loosened the knot on the strings of her petticoat and pulled it down - leaving her only in her panty. He now started removing his dhoti. I saw that he had white hair on his arms, legs, chest etc and he was rather big built, though fat and repulsive. The old AmeerchandJi now laid down beside my young wife. Looking at all this happening to my wife, I was having a huge erection! I went and sat on a chair near the bed, to see this! He began kissing and licking my wife's face, eyes, neck etc.

Then as his passion grew, he started biting her neck hard. Anupama started wincing in pain. He then started licking and kissing her armpits! He licked away all the sweat from her arm pit hair. Then he focused on her round, exciting and full breasts. As his passion grew, he started biting my wife's breasts very hard - leaving red marks all over her tender, young flesh! Then he put his mouth on her nipples and started sucking her milk. Our baby's milk!

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My Anupama's breasts were once again full of milk. As he found milk when he started sucking, he hungrily fixed his mouth and started sucking all her milk into his mouth! After he had sucked off all the milk in both my wife's breasts, he then took her hands and put them on his langoti, over his organ.

My wife was shocked! It looked huge! Almost like some small harpoon! He then started his attention on her navel and thighs - sucking, pinching, licking and biting them. He left black bite marks all over her tender, delicate and exciting thighs! He now removed my wife's panty. Slowly his mouth moved to my young, innocent Anupama's hairy, black and pungent vagina. She had a thick growth of pubic hair. He started licking thru' my wife's pubic hair and affixed his mouth over her vagina. Anupama closed her eyes. Totally revolted. Then he started darting his tongue in and out, round and round my wife's vagina, with lightning thrusts of his tongue once in a while on her bud there.

Though my wife felt revolted, his tongue on her vaginal bud sent shivers up her. He then turned her face down on the bed. He then started licking her back, her buttocks, the back of her thighs and her calves. He then laid down beside my wife and pulled her to lie by her side. He laid behind her with both arms around her - one caressing her breast and the other caressing her on her vagina, while he was biting and kissing the back of my wife's neck. He then asked her, ' Anupama, how many men have fucked you in your anus upto now?

She said ' Oh No! No one. You know that I am a married woman. You also know that I am a mother! She was petite, and I was too big for her. The more my tongue explored her, the louder her moans became. I held her tightly and continued to kiss her. She tugged at my hair, and I got rougher as the minutes passed. I was like a hungry beast that found itself in front of a feast after it had been starved. My hands fumbled when I tried to take off her bra, and she had to ease it off instead. She took off my pants more deftly than I would have been able to do it myself.

We made love over the next few hours, sometimes gently, sometimes more aggressively. Gang Bang in Tampines Park, Singapore. At the position where I was standing, I was able to see what the men were staring at.

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I was shocked to see that it was. Standing there were two men who faced each other with a girl about my age or older between them. Her hair was all over her face, she moaned softly as she made involuntary movements. I looked closer and what I saw made me gasp. Both men fucked her vigorously from both sides. The girl seemed to enjoy it as the men fucked her harder and faster. They continued in that position for a while then one of the men lay down with the girl on top of him and the other man keeled behind the girl.

Then they continued to fuck her harder than before. The third boy in line said something to Mandy before handing her the money. Mandy stoop up from her kneeling position and lifted her dress, keeping it help up. The third boy bent over and pulled her cotton panties down. From her bent position, I got a chance to view her pussy which was no more than a slit in between the thighs, with no hair or plushness. The impatient boy reached for her hairless pussy and inserted his middle finger inside her slit, and begun pumping.

She pumped it with unison with his fingering rhythm. Simultaneous to her orgasm, the boy started to shoot ropes of semen from his cock which landed on the ground. After this, the three boys left and Mandy, pulling up her panties, run back towards the school compound. My Singapore Girlfriend at Sungei Buloh. Under the shower, both naked, I could feel her breathing.


I want her to feel my throbbing member against her. I want to hear her whimper at my touch, wait for her to beg for more as I kiss her neck, my fingers playfully trailing between her legs. And she does, she always does. I want her to come this way, so I pushed her against the wall. The water from the shower still soaking us, making our breathing even more labored. I pushed my finger further, hitting just the right spot. God that felt good.

She just knows how to touch me, how to mold those fingers so the suction is perfectly addicting. Raya Possessed Me. I could not help but wonder why Raya would send me such a cryptic note. I mean, I had felt real love for her and would have easily thought that she could have been the one that I spend the rest of life with. Little did I expect that she would spend the rest of her life within me. The sex was surreal as I suppose it had to be and she had felt so real, up until the moment the slimy substance slid down to my throat, I was having fun. To find that the algebra that used to give me nightmares was a walk in the park after the experience was nice, but I was getting apprehensive about what all this was about and now thinking about it what my life would now be.

What did I get mixed up in? This half-human stuff was giving me goose bumps. And to think that I could not confide in anyone about the experience…arghh. Ultra Singapore This feeling was driven home even more when I bumped into a woman who had the most devious eyes I have ever seen. We met up towards the last hour of Ultra festival, and once we did, our bodies never left each other. I used my hands to touch almost every part of her body — it was almost X Rated — and her hands dug into me deeper than anyone else ever had.

She used her mouth in ways on me which caused me to shiver, and I held her as tightly as I could. We ended up leaving just a few minutes before the music stopped, where I took her back to my hotel, and as soon as we walked in the door, I ripped her clothes off. She just smirked at me, and gently took my clothes off of me, using her soft hands to touch every part of me. We eventually made it into bed, where I somehow remembered to put my condom on, and pumped her full of pleasure. She helped guide me on a couple of things, until I began to hear her moan which made me more erect and turned on; We had a day filled with lust and she showed me many positions I had never even contemplated doing.

I even took her from behind, while pulling her hair, and to hear her groan uncontrollably just made me even harder. I got my Hookup At Ultra Singapore. Getting Laid At Ultra, Singapore. Pulua Blakang Mati Island. He rolled over atop of me and gave me a deep smothering kiss. He gently undid my dress and I removed both my bra and panties.

I had not ever had sex before so I was not sure what to do but Jeffrey told me not to worry he would take it easy with me and guide me. He kissed me a lot and I felt his hot breath as we were both getting worked up. He rubbed my breasts telling me this would help me to climax so I should start playing with them as well. My face flushed as I felt his hand go down to my bottom and then when he started rubbing my clitoris I had a wonderful sensation. I held my breathe as my hymen broke and then once again as I felt the movement of his penis going back and forth slowly at first but then with a heavy thrust inside of me.

Before I knew it we both had cum and it was over. He told me that he loved me deeply. I told him I loved him too and that I would never let another man touch me. I prayed that tonight we had made a baby. His baby! Radin Mas, Singapore. When we got into the area I could see the bottle of Champagne, the tub had beautiful flowers in it, and a few sex toys obviously to help us have better sex.

We started kissing and I could feel my erection coming. She was rubbing her breasts asking me making me want to start sucking them. After a few minutes she slipped under the water and was giving me one of the best blow-jobs I had ever had. Not that I minded as I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. When she come up from the water she had a toy in her hand and was massaging herself between the legs.

I told her that was not needed as lifted her onto the tubs ledge and I went down and started chewing and licking her pussy. I raised her further up from the water and slipped my penis inside her and we started screwing very gently at first. Then I pulled her from the hot tub altogether and laid her on the floor with her legs on my shoulder began pumping her harder and harder. I could hear her as she was enjoying it very much from her moans and finally I exploded my load and we then went to the bed where we kissed some more and I quickly fell into a deep sleep.

Their hands wandered exploring and groping each other. He pulled her bottom lip into his mouth and sucked on it. She opened her mouth for him when he traced her bottom lip with his tongue. Soon they were lost in the deep kiss again. Her hands trailed his broad shoulders, strong muscular arms and her fingers threading through his soft silky hair.

He moaned into her mouth when she pulled on them to bring him closer. With one hand still holding his hair, she traced his shoulders and his arms with the other hand. The muscles of his biceps flexing under her touch making her moan slightly. She broke away from the kiss to let herself breath.

He kissed her chin, her neck and sucked on her shoulder blades. Threading his fingers onto her long tresses, he pulled her head back to expose the erotic curve of her neck. He placed open mouth kisses along her neck and traced the hollow of her neck with his tongue. Butik Batok Nature Park, Singapore. Initially slowly rocking back and forth against him and then frantically — she came multiple times squeezing her legs around him whilst her pelvic wall convulsed after each and every orgasm. To be quite frank he was getting exhausted and his cock was so hard he just needed to cum. She was the experienced of the two and she let him know it.

She continued straddled him beginning the pump him up and down. So good was she as a lover that Lee thought he was having an out of body experience — his cock was so hard and he thought his balls were going to burst and each time he was about to cum she slowed down not allowing him to ejaculate that indeed his cock was beginning to hurt; at this point, his hands were fondling her well-endowed breasts and as she begun to moan once again he felt a sudden urge to now dominate her.

Summer In Pulau Hantu, Singapore. After a couple of drinks and chatting, I pulled her to the floor and started dancing. It was not crowded as most of the visitors to the island had already left for the day, and we danced to some soothing music and the sweetness of the music made me pull her into my arms resting my hands above her huge butt that was beginning to drive me crazy.

I decided to touch her breasts and she allowed it as it made her feel so hot and she started gasping for breath. I slowly lowered my hand and I started rubbing both her butt cheeks. I realized she was enjoying me rubbing her bare pantiless butt cheeks which I could no doubt feel with my hand, when she started closing her eyes and rested her head on my chest. We both began rolling our hip together turning our slow dance to a slow grind right in the middle of the dance floor.

Passion In Little India, Singapore. He had bought me a beautiful night gown all in navy blue colours to match my eyes he proclaimed. Then he ran the water in our hot tub which we had not used since I moved in. He had a bottle of Champagne and some caviar on a tray set on the corner. The hot tub had candles all around it, with magnolia blossoms that swam across it. Rikin gently took off my beautiful gown and laid it over a chair.

He wanted to see my body and taste me before we went to bed. I was astonished at his gentleness as he touched me. He had me set in the hot tub with my legs spread and asked me to rub my breasts while he caressed my clitorus area. He sucked on my tits while he placed himself deep inside me. The warmth of the tub and his penis together gave me a strong orgasm. I did not know what to do but to enjoy the evening with this man who would soon become my husband.

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Becoming Sexually Aware In Singapore. One night I saw them kissing and soon they were everywhere on one another. He removed her pullover and bra and he was sucking at her tits like a child. She had her eyes shut and mouth opened wide as though to shout and she was embracing his head firmly to her tits. I saw him licking at her vagina as she laid on the edge of the bed. Soon she was sucking on his dick like one would suck a candy. The Secret Lion Show.

Nadia laughed. Fuck her like an animal. Nadia said with clenched teeth. We both wanted it. I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock out, I grabbed her from underneath , turned her over on all fours and shoved my dick into her pussy. As I rammed her on stage, I felt her getting wetter and wetter. My dick felt absolutely drenched with her juices.

I watched her perfect round ass cheeks pound against my stomach. The inside of her felt even better than I could have ever imagined. My come shot inside her pussy in front of everyone. Reasons To Love Singapore Women. Singapore women are a comprehensive package of beauty: These women have a great physique brought out in absolutely any kind of outfit that they wear. They have a good modeling physique which has made them attain the miss world title in the past. They do not necessarily require expensive clothes, lingerie, handbags, jewelry and shoes to give them the feeling of being beautiful.

They have a high self-esteem and nothing can really belittle them. However, beauty goes further than all the stated facts above. It also includes being sociable and a selfless heart. Sexual Encounter At Kampong Glam. The two occasions that I visited Lisa, she took me around her home city Kampong Glam and I loved everything about it. I loved the idea. So I looked around and when the area was deserted for a minute, I grabbed her into one of the stalls in the gents and locked the door behind us. I pressed her against the wall and gave her a superb quickie that she keeps talking about till today.

Sensual Sarah At Changhi Airport. I let that thought drop, and tried to focus on other things. People were streaming inside the terminal, some were lovers, others on business trips just like us. But I tell you, anyone seeing us right then would have thought that we were lovers too. I suggested we play a video game in one of the malls, and she agreed reluctantly. We were playing modern vampire, but I noticed she was not even following the cues.

I started seething silently, thinking maybe her sulking had something to do with me. I was in a deep reverie, when I smelled her familiar perfume beside me. She had followed me. Maybe I was wrong, Her sulking had nothing to do with me. I took her hand, and tried to comfort her. I pulled her closer and hugged her tightly trying to reassure her. She was delicate under my firm embrace.

I could smell all her familiar scents. We had hugged once before, a friendly bear hug. She then suggested we take a stroll outside. At the same moment, he reached up cupping my right breast and flicking my nipple with his thumb. All I could do was moan and rock my wet pussy against the ever growing hardness in his pants. Never one to disappoint, Michael moved with expert skill from my nipples to my neck and back down the other side, slowly kissing and sucking as he went. They seem much too tight now. The Capella Singapore Romance. I changed my mind and like an obsessed man ran toward my room, changed into my swimming costume and headed towards the swimming pool hoping that I would find her there.

True to my wish, she was still at the swimming pool. She was seated at the far end of the swimming pool looking disturbed. Not even the beautiful nature of this exotic setting could cheer her up. I knew something was wrong with her. The fact that she was not here with someone gave me a chance to talk to her.

I walked towards the end where she was seated staring into the swimming pool. Tiong Bahru Affair. It was crystal clear that unless the sky was not blue; such a man could not be her boyfriend on a level ground. From that instance, I sought to find out how the two had become a couple. I was shocked at such degree of barbarism considering the fact that the era for such incidences was long gone. It was clear that given an option she could not opt to be with the man. As we talked, she made it clear that she would have wished to be with someone else if she had the money to support her ailing mother.

Reading online erotic stories are just the solution. We cannot also discount the fact that we discover things that are possible to do and well, expect that the next time you had the opportunity, you will eventually try to do the same as described in those erotic words, right? By reading these type of stories, our brain is stimulated to develop neurons. It enhances our imagination and triggers our dopamine receptors.

Dopamine is brain chemicals that give you that good feeling. The same feeling you felt when you released all that pent-up heat that you have collected that week. It is also the same feeling that is evoked when you light up that first cigarette in the morning or drink that freshly brewed coffee. Reading erotic stories are like reading porn magazines without actually buying them.

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