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Thursday 3 October Book 'Sharing 50 years of Scottish Ballet's history' on Eventbrite or phone Jackie Jones, author of 'The Scottish Vegan Cookbook' explains how and why to add more fruits, vegetables and grains to your diet. Veganism is on the rise in Scotland with plant-based options becoming ever more available to enjoy. Jackie shares the health benefits as well ways to making the most of Scotland's abundant larder. She also addresses philosophical questions about going vegan.

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Suitable for all with an interest in plant-based cooking, ethics, nutrition and the environment. Tuesday 15 October Book 'Why vegan? Why not? He examines his own and his country's dysfunctional relationship with the beautiful game, to understand the soul and spirit of Scottish football. Looking from the history of Scottish football to the current state of play, Henry seeks solutions for the issues currently plaguing the Scotland side.

Thursday 17 October Book 'Scottish Football: Requiem or Renaissance? Taking listeners on a journey of the imagination is at the heart of this annual festival, celebrating the art of storytelling. At the National Library we are hosting a week of storytelling events, including sessions inspired by John Kay's caricatures, Elizabeth Blackwell's herbal, and cultural connections between Scotland and Canada. Tuesday 22 to Tuesday 29 October Free. Booking required.

Read more about Scottish International Storytelling Festival Sara Sheridan discusses her work to uncover the varied lives of the Enlightenment women. She refers to the book she authored, 'Where are the Women? Widely lauded, the book imagines Scotland's built environment with monuments, streets and statues renamed after women instead of men. The publication is based on Sara's extensive research to create a Scotland that acknowledges its female history and commemorates the women of the Enlightenment.

Tuesday 5 November This event is fully booked. When the Scottish Parliament needed someone to examine expanding its powers, Kenneth was chosen again. Thursday 7 November In her talk, Janice hopes to offer a snapshot of the unique prose and mindset of Edinburgh-born Spark.

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Spark's work has been said to offer moral lessons, sidelong humour, and steely accuracy, and this lecture considers these and other characteristics of her writing. The talk argues that Spark's playfulness, clarity and sharp observation of post-war women forging new sensibilities are second to none.

Tuesday 12 November Scots dictionaries first appeared in the wake of 18th-century lists of Scottish terms deemed 'improper' by the linguistically insecure. They also arose in glossaries produced to help readers of medieval Scots texts. Tuesday 19 November Book 'Recording and celebrating Scots words and phrases' on Eventbrite or phone In this talk, Colin Thom, editor and co-author of 'Robert Adam and his brothers', explores and reassesses how Adam's buildings were influenced by Enlightenment philosophy.

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Robert Adam is one of Scotland's most famous architects. A product of the Scottish Enlightenment, Adam was friends with leading thinkers of the day, like David Hume. Hume's advocacy of empiricism and individualism is thought to have influenced Adam's personal reinterpretation of classicism and general disregard for dogma.

Thursday 21 November Author and collector Peter Blair introduces stereoscopy, a technique traditionally used to create the illusion of depth in photographs.

Referring to Victorian techniques, he reveals that 3D photography is not entirely new, instead it was the most popular form of photography in With antique 3D images from his new book, he takes a virtual reality tour of Scotland via the main Victorian tourist hot spots. The event promises to astound with Victorian ingenuity and the timeless beauty of Scotland. Tuesday 26 November Spanning his entire literary career, this collection brings together selections from Hutcheson's greater and lesser known works. The selected writings chosen for this volume show how Scottish rhetorical textbooks were a practical extension of the philosophy of language developed by 18th century Scottish philosophers.

The aim of this comprehensive selection of his writings is to make the key elements of Reid's philosophical work available to a new generation of readers. The Scottish Enlightenment provided the fledgling United States of America and its emerging universities with a philosophical orientation. This volume in the Library of Scottish Philosophy demonstrates the remarkable extent of this philosophical influence.

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This volume contains selections from the philosophical writings of James Frederick Ferrier Ferrier was the Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of St Andrews between and and he was one of the earliest post-Hegelian British idealists. The selections in this volume illustrate Brown's original ideas about mental science, cause and effect, emotions and ethics.

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A philosopher and historian, Adam Ferguson occupies a unique place within eighteenth-century Scottish thought. Distinguished by a moral and historical bent, his work is framed within a teleological outlook that upholds the importance of action and virtue. This volume illustrates the way political and social philosophers of 18th-century Scotland tried to answer the following question: 'What is, and what ought to be, the relationship between the modern market and stable, desirable social order?

This volume concentrates on the period from the beginning of the 18th century to the latter part of the 20th. It is impossible to depict a single school of philosophical theology in Scotland across three centuries, yet several strains have been identified. Dugald Stewart became one of the most influential academics in the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century European 'Republic of Letters'. This volume brings together some of Stewart's philosophical writings. This anthology collects, for the first time in one volume, not only generous selections from each of Smith's books but also substantial selections from his other work, including his lectures on jurisprudence, his history and philosophy of science, his criticism and belles lettres, and his philosophy of language.

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This collection of readings, the first of its kind, has been chosen with a view to displaying the variety, richness and strength of the Scottish Idealist tradition. The philosophy of John Macmurray is only now receiving the attention it deserves. It is in the contemporary climate of dissatisfaction with individualism that Macmurray's emphasis on the relations of persons has come to the fore.

The first part of this selection — the first ever made from Beattie's prose writings — includes several key chapters from the Essay on Truth, along with extracts from all of Beattie's other works on moral philosophy. The second part of the selection is devoted to Beattie's contributions to literary criticism and aesthetics.

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This volume brings together and provides contextual introductions to the most significant 18th century writing on the philosophy of art. This collection of readings, the first of its kind, has been chosen with a view to displaying the variety, richness and strength of the Scottish philosophical tradition. Michael Oakeshott: Notebooks, Michael Oakeshott.