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Ron: I think the idea is that there are fault zones all over the place, and they are in various stages of being stressed. A big quake sends out shock waves, and these will shake up the crust everywhere, and faults that are stressed close to the point where they will move, leading to the secondary quake, a bit earlier than they would without the shake-up.

The antipodean aspect is quite reasonable; if shock waves radiate out omnidirectionally from the site of a quake, travelling mainly through the crust, they will start to form interference patterns on the far side of the globe. You can do similar things with ripples in a bathtub. Stress is not propagated directly, but seismic waves can trigger stress relief at distant points.

The stress that is relieved was already there. The next time an 8. The big rock that hit Mexico some 66 million years ago, what did it feel like to be standing at the antipode when those shock waves came around? That animal would necessarily have to have been a whale or fish as the antipode for that event would have been in the middle of the Indian Ocean. As to how it would have felt, I would say wet. Whether the antipodean giant marine reptiles at the end of the Cretaceous felt anything or not, they were promptly about to go extinct.

I believe India was much further south and close to the antipodal node 66MYA. Of course we had the huge Deccan Plateau volcanism at that time continuing for hundrerds to thousands of years. It may well have been the last straw for the dinos and lots of other life. Enough lava to cover the entire landmass of the Earth by up to 1m according to some reports. Makes the present day activity at Hawaii look a bit pathetic unless you are unlucky enough to live there.

Finally, a real case for tipping points, when the stress builds up to the point that something gives or triggers an earthquake or two or three on more.

Crazy idea: the earthquakes are precipitated by exotic objects, like mini-blackholes, that fly through the Earth at high speed. Sometimes, but not always, both the entry and exit locations are disrupted and have an earthquake within a few hours or days. If that were true, earthquakes would occur randomly around the globe instead of being concentrated mostly at plate boundaries.

Secondly, the article stated that secondary quakes at the antipodes were sometimes delayed by as much as three days. Why would they need to pass through the center of the planet? The tsunami was so huge that it caused destruction all the way across the Pacific Ocean in Japan, and is recorded in their Court records. As an observation, we are ill-prepared for such an event, which has a much greater probability of occurrence than anything to do with dangerous man-made global warming.

For people who need to worry about something, worry about a mega-tsunami, caused by another major quake along the Cascadia Fault. Glad to see the January Cascadia tsunami mentioned. The disastrous SE Asia tsunami vertical height was about 20 feet. The tsunami vertical height was about feet. I posted this March 12, in the Vancouver Sun. During this major tsunami event, Japan residents got 10 to 15 minutes warning to move to higher ground.

The tsunami alarm was issued 3 minutes after the earthquake occurred. If the Cascadia fault ruptured, the folks at Tofino would get about that much warning, assuming our tsunami warning system worked perfectly. In Vancouver, they would get about 30 minutes warning. Ever try to evacuate Surrey and Delta in 30 minutes?

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The tsunami warning system worked Friday, with the agency alerting people to imminent tsunamis within three minutes of the quake, and the first waves struck 10 to 15 minutes later. The alert may have saved hundreds of lives, as some residents were able to flee to higher ground. I have given some thought to another Cascadia Fault 9. The current contingency plans are not going to work for low-lying areas like Surrey and Delta, imo. No smiley face this time. Note that there are no direct paths through the core. A shock originating on one side of the planet will travel by many paths.

Only on the opposite side of the globe will all the shock waves arrive at about the same time. I find this result worse than doubtful on three grounds. P values from a small sample,of large earthquakes are dubious at best. Earthquakes happen all the time. Some will happen somewhere within three days of any large earthquake. Result is likely a statistical junk artifact because of points 2 and 3. Any Triggering from shockwave energy should probabalistically happen more the closer to the major event.

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Earthquake triggering shockwaves would be S or P waves, not very likely surface waves since major earthquakes are almost always at some significant depth. The arbitrary three day window just enables the non physical statistical junk of point 1. At the antipode, shock waves from all directions arrive at about the same time.

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Past that, things become complicated to the point of being intractable. The behavior of a thin sphere is way complicated. Of course, compared with the Earth with its oceans and atmosphere and mantle and core, a thin sphere is simple. Last night there were two strikes a few hours apart felt worldwide. If the first earthquake triggers a second one on the other side of the globe and it happens to be that this one is amplified by some sort of a local predisposition, then some sort of echo ought to occur and this echo might re-trigger another earthquake where the first took place.

Are there observations of this kind? The timing among individual heliplots can be visually compared. The systematic way would be to first find the earliest largest earthquake among the bunch, which would be easy to do with regular filterable data from EMSC. His live feed has apparently moved to Twitch now because of the latest youtube actions. After the great Andaman Boxing day quake, the one causing the tsunami that drowned a hundred thousand, the Earth reverberated for hours like a struck bell.

No surprise that such big quakes can destabilise faults at the far end of the globe. There is something else to consider in aftereffects from large quakes.

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The current grouping up in North Alaska is a good example of how a strong teleseismic quake can lead to a dampening of the overall global quake count for days or many days after the initial large quake. The huge quake count at Hawaii also had a global effect while it was running. The last 24 hours is the first day without a 2. Then this 6. There is no mechanism for an earthquake in one part of the globe to suppress earthquakes in another part of the globe. Goldminor, Are you suggesting that pressure waves emanating from low magnitude quakes are acting to relieve stresses non-catastrophically so that minor quakes are suppressed, but higher amplitude waves due to major quakes have the opposite effect, triggering other major quakes?

If it is more than a coincidence then there should be thousands of similar cases associated with volcanic activity. Excluding low-magnitude quakes within some small radius of volcanic activity should cause those time periods to show a decreased count globally, compared to periods without major volcanic activity.

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I first took note of this effect during the March quake in Japan. For many weeks after that quake there were very few quakes anywhere else around the globe greater than 2. Unfortunately, most of my notes from that time period were all lost as I kept a daily count at the time for over a year.

opposite sides of the world

Any quake rated as a teleseismic quake can affect the total global rate from my observations. Waves traveling from one spot around the world will arrive at the antipode at the same time, adjusting for the density and thickness of the media through which they pass. It sounds like a rogue wave: the sum of multiple wavelets at one point to give a brief, significant jarring.

Wherever there are predisposed concentrations of stress within that window, the coincidence of waves would push it over the edge. Only if you know how much stress has built up in the faults at the antipode and how close any of them are to breaking. Mods, I had an interesting post on the big Peruvian quake of maybe triggering the cave in of the Crandall Canyon coal mine in Utah that killed a number of miners and rescuers.

For some reason it was disappeared. My point was, it doesnt have to be at the antipodes. The big quake in Qom, Iran that killed 25, people also was followed by several notable quakes near and far. You only need a situation where an incipient quake, or cave in or bridge collapse etc. Common sense is enough data for this sort of thing.

It is thought that it may be responsible for the slow drift of the South Atlantic anomaly westwards, as well as gradual reduction in the magnetic field intensity across Americas and the increase in the eastern hemisphere. It sounds as though, in theory, if someone exploded a large nuclear device, or several, on the floor of the Indian Ocean off the coast of South Africa, they could induce a large earthquake in California, sending it into the Pacific.

Not likely, but perhaps the plot line of a future James Bond movie…. It would be rather difficult to implement. To get good energy transfer the bomb should be underground which is hard in deep ocean. An air explosion where the fireball does not reach the ground does not have much of a seismic footprint.

Not quite speculation. The focussing effect is quite real. But it would be very short term forecasting. The seismic waves arrive at the antipodes 20 to 40 minutes after the original quake. Then, take the latitude and convert it to the opposite hemisphere. If curious, below is a list of antipodal locations, both exact and approximate. This will give you a sense of what lies on the opposite side of the world from many cities that you've either visited or have heard of. You can finally scratch that itch of knowing exactly what lies on the other side of the world.

Were you surprised? I am a geologist passionate about sharing Earth's intricacies with you. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Left: Pixabay, Right: Wikipedia. Trevor Nace. Read more: Coriolis effect - Met Office. Share or comment on this article: Videos show water DOES swirl in different directions on opposite sides of the world e-mail More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Download our iPhone app Download our Android app. Today's headlines Most Read Huge Bronze Age metropolis that was home to 6, people is unearthed in Israel complete with a temple, Powerful new suction cup inspired by the Northern clingfish could help everything from underwater science Instagram removes 'Following' feature that allowed people to see other people's likes and comments amid Seabirds always know where they are and how to get 'home' thanks to innate navigation ability - but can't Next Xbox could support virtual reality as Microsoft patent reveals technology for VR floor mat that pairs California bill makes it illegal to create deepfake porn of someone without their consent, with penalty of Ad Feature Simon Cowell turns Star celebrates milestone with lavish dinner as he parties with Lauren Silverman and pals Apple's new iPad is blazingly fast, gorgeous to look at, and quite simply the best tablet out there - and for a lot of people, probably the best computer out there.

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