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Or is she? She draws the attention of Lucas, a year old Vampire, and King to his kind.

The Valerie Dearborn Trilogy

As golden as Lucifer, and just as tempting, he makes Valerie an offer she can't refuse— help him find out if the Others Empaths, Fey and Werewolves still exist or he'll stop protecting those she loves. While the Fey or a Werewolf might kill a Vampire, an Empath could enslave them, seducing or harming with emotions at will. The one detail he leaves out? Valerie is an Empath.

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And after years of an emotionless existence, Lucas wants Valerie like a recovering alcoholic wants a wine cooler. Probably not, but boy is she gonna try! Love is Fear- After a lot of swearing and only a little nookie, Valerie Dearborn has decided to make a change.

Valerie Dearborn

Valerie is an Empath, with supernatural abilities that seem to do nothing more than give her the hots for Lucas. They could settle the emotions of a Werewolf and make Vampires feel again.

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He needs her to help him find the Fey, last seen in the Colony of Roanoke, North Carolina, circa He still believes they are the key to restoring balance to the world and the only way to keep vampires under control. Nor will it be the normal, 2. Now she loves Laurell K. In terms of TV she's currently obsessed with Supernatural and Destiel.

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  • It's all very embarrassing. Valerie Dearborn wants a life as light and fluffy as cotton candy, but it's more like a puffer fish: pointy, unusual, and - if not prepared exactly right - deadly Betrayed by everyone she loves, Valerie Dearborn will do anything to get out of Fey and avoid becoming Cerdwellyn's queen Sent back in time to Victorian England to stop the invention of a deadly weapon, Helen Foster knows the job looks too easy After a lot of swearing and only a little nookie, Valerie Dearborn has decided to make a change.

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    No more lusting after Lucas, the hot but emotionless vampire king who can't commit As Helen and her best friend, Mary, get charged with a new mission - save the Prince of Wales from assassination - avoiding Edward will be the least of her problems Caroline Hanson. You're getting a free audiobook.

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