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Now, some out there may just prefer to stick to the straight-ahead non-fiction. Stephen L. Carter, the bestselling novelist who also happens to be a Yale law professor and a former law clerk to Justice Thurgood Marshall.

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He comes back from his lunch break one day to find his station has become a slaughterhouse. George Mueller, a Yale man and a seasoned case officer, performs the Smiley-esque spy work of rooting out a Soviet mole. Vidich sets his story in the McCarthy era, a snarl of backstabbing, suspicion, and secrets.

You can expect a large dose of sex, crime and murder, but with Abbott and Gaylin at the pen, you can also rest assured that the characters and their relationships will hit home, too. This is the DC political procedural that launched the genre and remains one of its most compelling fictions. Think of this as an American cousin to Wolf Hall. The delusion is astounding and somehow touchingly human. The chutzpah behind this novel makes it a worthy read anytime, but especially in a moment of looming national crisis.

The story focuses on Harry Hubbard, recently cuckolded by a colleague and bereft of a mentor.

Together, the three books amount to a crime-and-conspiracy laden rendering of nearly every major political event in the Americas from the s through the fall of Nixon. Solutions that always require us to give up our freedoms. Solutions that are based on two things: lies and an unrelenting hunger for power and control. In his signature no-holds-barred way, Beck destroys the false promises of Progressivism and takes us through its history, showing how each "wave" built up on the one before it, ultimately washing up to the beach in the form of Barack Obama - and whoever is next.

Fabulous book. It was put together very well. I just wish GB would narrate his books. Tons of knowledge that will help you wade through the muddy waters of Progressives. Give it a read. It's disheartening sometimes to think about the people making a living taking advantage of others. But if must be done, I prefer to hear it from Glenn Beck. This book answers the question of how did we get here. Now how do we get back?

Crooks, Liars, and Spies: 10 Great Books of Washington Intrigue

Follow the constitution! The book was quite amazing and intriguing. I believe people of any age will love this book my daughter, who is only 11 loved this book. But let me tell you before buys this book, Glenn beck does mention Evolution, but does not preach it or encourage it. Another great book by Glenn Beck. He unmasks progressives and marks it easier to understand the terrible danger they are. This book is fantastic. I asked myself some of the questions a few years back that Glenn Beck addresses in his book and all I can say is wow.

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He really delivers in presenting the past to reflect the present and how fear plays on the minds of people when it comes to the government and politics. A worthy read and must have! It is astonishing how America has been led down a path controlled by others that are more concerned with power than the people. I can see how good people are just trying to survive while innocently going through the motions of life, while more sinister people are getting away with stealing our freedoms away, as we think everything is ok.

As this book describes how a movement wants to make fun of those who believe in God. We need to realize that God is the one who will help make us strong enough to remove these terrible people from their power.

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God will be the real strength in the end and we need to turn to him so he can help us receive the America that God intended it to be. I can see that we shall not fear if we do this. And these people shall not win in the end.

The answer is to turn to God. They are afraid that we will that's why they want to destroy the faith of Americans.

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  • Thank you Glen Beck for writing this book. By: Glenn Beck. Narrated by: Jeremy Lowell , Glenn Beck - introduction. Length: 8 hrs and 44 mins. Categories: Non-fiction , Politics. People who bought this also bought Levin Length: 6 hrs and 8 mins Unabridged Overall.

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    Publisher's Summary Glenn Beck, number-one best-selling author and radio host, reveals the cold truth behind the ideology of progressivism and how the tenets of this dangerous belief system are eroding the foundation of this country. Why do we accept the lies? And so they continue to lie, and we continue to believe them, and they keep winning elections. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. No Reviews are Available. Sort by:.

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    Most Helpful Most Recent. Presented within an excellent historical context. Derek Really great book that everyone should read. Calling a spade a spade It's disheartening sometimes to think about the people making a living taking advantage of others. Rob Things you need to know This book answers the question of how did we get here. Chloe Nagle Quite amazing The book was quite amazing and intriguing. Fred Carlton Coleman Jr Michael Parks Everyone in America should read this if they live this count It is astonishing how America has been led down a path controlled by others that are more concerned with power than the people.