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The moment when you leave the fandom for a few months and when you come back: on of your OTPs fall in love, live together, get married and have a daughter. What happened? You guys are adorable. Except I know exactly where I am, I am trapped inside this coffin-like room; six feet under pressure and doubt.

I gave up screaming and gasping for air a long time ago. Now I am catatonic. Dead behind the eyes, a smile fabricated from lies, painted across my pale skin. There was a time when I asked questions, I was angry, depression was an inconvenience.


Now it is all I am. It consumed me, filled my lungs with thick smoke, took a bone from my ribcage and stabbed at my heart. It took the monsters under my bed, and put them inside my head. Dear Dad, I heard you chuckled in court today when you got away with not paying my mother any child support.

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You laughed. Were you relieved? But you laughed, and I think my heart cracked a bit. I want you to know something. God said he will be a father to the fatherless, and he has been my father for the past 16 going on 17 years in April. I have never been missing or lacking anything in my life. I been blessed beyond explanation I have a wonderful family, and friends who lift me up and encourage me to shine my brightest.

I forgive you.

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I love you and I hope God blesses you. Those calls you make to me every 3 months can stop. I know you only call every blue moon I happen to pop in your mind, well you know what? I get it.

Dara about Park Bom Keep reading. It will never ever be the same. Just, thank you so much.

Happy Now (Zedd and Elley Duhé song)

Originally posted by nbcbrooklyn Which I just found out there is! Thank you all for the help :D. He looked like he needed some Bradford lovin. All of it?

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External image. Log in Sign up. Not enough Lau for my liking so I'm happy now lau loveforlau2k My 2 take aways from Startain: 1. Alya stopping Lila. Fairy Tail confession I think I've quite possibly found the perfect picture for this confession I'm happy now Yuki speaks.

Slashers Funny. There is no way to describe how I am feeling, but this: I feel lost. Hate him. Okay, Bradley is probably the funniest person on the planet. He was so funny. It would make me mad how funny he is. He just… He is so witty.

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One of the most fun people. And by bad, I just mean unhealthy. I've been talking a lot on my instagram about healthy foods for kids and making better changes It is no secret that I have a love-love relationship with Target. I am absolutely and unapologetically that basic mom who thoroughly enjoys strolling the Target aisles looking for great deals and new stuff from home decor to women's and kid's fashion.

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