How to Make Coffee Mixes and Drinks (Recipes Book 4)

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The Craft and Science of Coffee by Britta Folmer

Just 4 simple ingredients needed. See it here. Saveur shares how they take instant coffee and hot chocolate and spike it for a great adult beverage to enjoy after a hard day. Click here to get the recipe. Diethood shares a cayenne pepper spiced hot cocoa with some instant coffee mixed in. Lots of great spices for a savory and sweet drink. Click here to make one for yourself. The Home Barista Coffee Course lesson video course about brewing consistently amazing coffee at home. Stream or download the entire course to learn how to make coffee as good as your local barista for a fraction of the cost.

Coffee Recipes | Starbucks® Coffee At Home

Download Now We respect your privacy and you can unsubscribe at any time. If you haven't discovered this Bone-Chilling Cold Brew Recipe, you might not be as ready for your party as you think. Sweet, savory, and super simple to make, this Halloween coffee drink is so delicious it's scary. How to Taste Coffee Like a Barista Wish you had a better appreciation for the subtle differences and experiences when you taste coffee? Here's how to develop a sophisticated coffee palate.

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How to Use Eggshells in Coffee for a Less Acidic Cup Check out how you can use eggshells in coffee to reduce the acidity and make a cup of coffee that doesn't taste too bitter. How to Make Double Brewed Coffee If regular coffee strength and caffeine levels aren't cutting it anymore or you simply want to make a GOOD iced coffee at home, you should consider double brewing.

Read our guide on how to double brew coffee to up your coffee game and put that extra pep in your step that we all know you need. Between butter and eggs, salt in coffee might be the tamest thing we've seen people throwing in their cup lately. But that doesn't make it seem any less odd. The trip and the price? Not so much. We've got you covered with these 20 Starbucks Copycat Recipes that will fool even the most devout Starbucks fanatic. Click Here To Learn More. The recipe is another simple two-spirit pour, pairing the bourbon with the brand's American Honey liqueur. That acts as the sweetener and tames the bold whiskey perfectly.

Do be warned: This is the strongest recipe of the lot, though that's not necessarily a bad thing. If you're familiar with the nutty Irishman, you know that it can be made as a "martini," shooter, or lowball. Have you tried that tempting combo of Frangelico and Irish cream in a cup of hot coffee? It's as tasty as any of the others, just a whole lot warmer. The hazelnut flavor of Frangelico against the rich cream liqueur is a perfect way to add flavor to your coffee.

Also, if you prefer, it works well with a double shot of espresso, creating a cappuccino-like cocktail. Coffee cocktails are flavorful, a pleasure to sip, and, quite often, incredibly easy to mix up. A Great Cocktail Begins With Great Coffee While it's perfectly acceptable to make any of these coffee cocktails with the same cup you brew to get going in the morning, consider upgrading your coffee to create the best cocktails.

Think about the beans. Whole beans that are freshly ground for each cup or pot will produce a more flavorful coffee. Skip the drip. Drip coffee machines are convenient, but you can get a richer cup of coffee with other brewing methods and have a more flavorful cocktail. Save the drip machine for your morning routine if you like, but think about a small investment in a drip cone, French press, AeroPress, or moka pot to create the brews for your cocktails.

The difference is amazing. Alcohol won't make up for bad coffee. Try not to get in the habit of thinking that anything you add to your coffee will mask its less desirable aspects. Many times it will actually accentuate the impurities. Alcohol is not a cure-all for improving coffee; you need a good cup to begin with. Irish Coffee.

15 Spiked Coffee Cocktails to Keep You Awake

Caramel Irish Coffee. Irish Winter. Go ahead and cross the border into Mexico for this vibrant take on coffee. What could be better than coffee, tequila, Kahlua and ice cream? Probably nothing, to be honest. Simply melt the vanilla ice cream in the microwave and add it to a cup of strong, full- bodied coffee. It starts with the familiar ingredients of hot coffee, Kahlua, sugar and cream.

Craft Coffee: A Manual by Jessica Easto

Kahlua is definitely the go-to for coffee liqueur drinks - and this drink takes Kahlua to the next level. This creates that sweet, minty, creamy coffee that we all dream of during the holidays. Try Bavarian Coffee this holiday season by simply combining peppermint schnapps and Kahlua in 5 oz hot, black coffee. Spanish culture is loaded with drama.

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Here's how to make a classic Carajillo, but you should also have a go at creating a dazzling flaming Spanish coffee too. A smooth and powerful combination of caffeine and alcohol, this carajillo recipe is sure to leave you coming back for more. Start by wetting the rim of a glass with the orange slice. Then, pour sugar onto the plate and dip the glass upside down into the sugar. Brew the coffee. Use the back side of the spoon to carefully float some cream onto the top of the drink. Mention the words maple and bourbon to most people and they get an ear-to-ear grin. On their own, each of these flavors is spectacular — put them together with coffee and my oh my, what a wonderful day.

In a mixing bowl, combine the whipping cream, maple syrup, vanilla and brown sugar.

Whisk until the sugar has dissolved. Add in the bourbon. Stir it up and take a taste. You can also make your whipped cream and plop it on top of your coffee drink. Add the gin, simple syrup and orange juice. Then, shake it all together and top with blackberries and an orange slice. If you are not currently sitting on the beach, the least you can do is make this cocktail and dream of the next time you get to wake up and drink iced coffee cocktails in Hawaii or Bali.

To make this cold cocktail, add the rum and butterscotch schnapps to the iced coffee. Mix in a little cream and sugar to taste. Stir everything together in a tall glass with ice, put your bathing suit on and set up the lawn chair in the backyard for the greatest escape. This drink is popular all over the world.

Four Easy Whiskey Drinks

Simply fill an old fashioned glass with ice and top with the vodka and liqueur. Give it a good stir and enjoy. Want to spice it up a bit? Try finding a different type of coffee liqueur, or explore different vodka options hint, there are many. You can even try a chocolate or chocolate raspberry vodka for an interesting twist. There a few different ways to make the White Russian cocktail. The first way is to make a Black Russian, as listed above, and simply add cream to it, thus turning it from a dark color to white.

For this White Russian, you fill a rocks glass with ice and add the vodka, milk or cream and cold brew coffee concentrate. Give it all a good stir and you have a white, caffeinated beverage that will also put your mind at ease. So if you would like to add some actual coffee to your cocktail to keep it consistent with our other coffee with liquor recipes! Add the vodka and milk to a cup of hot, black coffee and you can enjoy it regardless of the weather outside.

We all need a good martini every now and then, and what could be better than this delicious iced coffee martini? This one is pretty similar to the Black Russian, yet different enough for you to try both. Plus, this one will make you feel extremely classy. So do your hair and put on your best outfit, because you need to dress the part to fully enjoy this classy concoction. In a cocktail shaker add ice, Kahlua, Vodka and espresso. Shake vigorously and strain into a martini glass. You may have noticed that Kahlua is a common theme between all these cocktails.

We've got more coffee martini recipes here. The Creamy Boozy Iced Coffee is a great brunch accompaniment, a sitting on the deck in the sunshine drink or an after-dinner treat maybe go decaf there. Add ice to a glass, and pour the cold coffee over it. Pour in the Frangelico first, then the cream, and stir it up. Lastly, add the sweetener of your choice, to taste. Garnish with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and chocolate shavings. Is there anything better than watching cream swirling into coffee?

This Kahlua coffee soda could not be easier, too! Make the espresso, and pour it over the ice. Next, pour in the Kahlua.

2. Espresso Instant Coffee

Add a few dashes of the bitters. Put in a splash of soda. The ingredients for Kahlua iced coffee are largely what you would expect: Kahlua and iced coffee. For something so utterly delicious, Kahlua iced coffee is remarkably easy to make, here's a more detailed guide on this if you like it. Make the coffee and let it cool down a bit. Add sweetener to taste.