Gary Johnson: The Case for a Libertarian President

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Gary Johnson won’t run for president in 2020: Here’s why

Hat tip to Eric Ostermeier of Smart Politics for doing much of this research. There are certain states that seem particularly predisposed toward Libertarians: Alaska, with its isolation-driven libertarian streak , and Massachusetts, with its sympathy to third-party candidates broadly.

Senate race against John Kerry, but Kerry had no Republican opponent , so Cloud was his main opposition. Steve Osborn and Steven Rosile , meanwhile, ran in elections where there was no Democratic nominee. So far, he has shown no inclination to do so. One week ago, his net approval was At this time last month, that net approval was Per our tracker of generic-ballot polls , Americans currently opt for the Democratic House candidate over the Republican by a 7. One week ago, their lead was a similar 7. At this time last month, our tracker sat at Democrats In other words, the national environment has been pretty steady too.

It was , not Dhrumil Mehta is a database journalist at FiveThirtyEight focusing on politics. Senate Mass. Senate Ind. For every Sarah Paulson who entered the voting booth and tilted toward Stein, there were probably two voters who tilted away from her at the last minute. Having said all that, in Stein and Johnson both got a lot of votes.

Johnson and running mate William Weld , who was on the ballot in all 50 states, won nearly 4. Interestingly enough, both Libertarians and Greens seem to be having a bit of a purist moment as they prepare for Libertarians have probably benefited electorally from their recent habit of running prominent ex-Republican elected officials for president former New Mexico governor Johnson the last two times, former congressman Bob Barr in , and former and future congressman Ron Paul in And that means taking positions that make the public squeamish.

What the candidates were alluding to is the buzz about Representative Justin Amash of Michigan, who recently left the Republican Party right before a political lynch mob might have ejected him for endorsing a Trump impeachment. For the moment, he is running for reelection, but that could change, as National Interest reported last month:.

But sources close to Amash and the Libertarian Party deny that a presidential run is in the works — although the door is still open. For the time being, the Libertarian-leaning representative is looking to build a fiscally conservative, pro-restraint coalition across party lines. Gary Johnson has ruled out another run. But the announced candidates seem to be stressing their radicalism to distinguish themselves from potential ex-GOP interlopers like Amash.

When elected, I will swear in, walk to the White House, and sign one executive order. This executive order will lay out the process for dissolving the federal government in a peaceful, orderly manner. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the wunderkind congresswoman from New York, has been getting most of the credit for the Green New Deal, an ambitious plan to fight global warming that has become increasingly popular among Democrats.

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But Howie Hawkins wants to set the record straight. The context for these minor parties set by the major parties is, of course, very important to their relative appeal.

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Republicans are far more united behind Donald Trump than they were in What is less clear is whether a nominee like Biden would drive voters to a Hawkins or a Hunter, or whether the vast ideological and psychological gulf between Trump and the entire Democratic field will induce unprecedented solidarity, even if the primaries turn out to be more fractious than they were in The one thing we know for sure is that no one is going to take any particular outcome for granted after what happened in the Trump-Clinton race.

The number of protest votes could drop significantly, even as turnout goes up. So not an issue of branding as much as attention and clearly the Libertarian Party right now is growing leaps and bounds because of the attention, and of course, that has to do with arguably the two most polarizing figures of all time and space in American politics.

One would be to raise the retirement age, another that you could have a very fair means testing, means testing should you get back more money than what you paid into Social Security, given a certain level of income. If you were to do that, you would actually be able to retain those funds and be able to pass them onto your heirs, something that currently does not exist with Social Security. I think we are headed to a fiscal cliff unless we address the entitlements, Medicaid and Medicare, as I mentioned earlier, Social Security, imminently fixable but reform to go along with that.

So balancing the federal budget I think has very long-term positive impact on the economy, jobs, wealth in this country going forward.

Libertarian presidential hopeful Gary Johnson makes his case in Detroit | Michigan Radio

If so, you are not alone — not quite, at least. At this moment, the political forecasting website fivethirtyeight. But that would translate into one-half of one percent of the electoral vote. The Libertarians, as sensible as some of their positions may seem, have not exactly won over the American people.

Their absolute numbers are relatively small: roughly , registered voters nationally. So what if they picked one state and persuaded thousands of like-minded people to move there? That is exactly what one group of libertarian-minded activists is trying to do. New Hampshire. State motto: live free or die. We sent our senior producer, Christopher Werth , to visit. This is the anarcho-capitalist wing of the libertarian-ish movement, the folks who dream of a world with no government whatsoever.

He was learning to shoot a semi-automatic rifle at a firing range in a forest in northern New Hampshire. PorcFest is organized by the Free State Project , which is trying to persuade libertarians — or libertarian-minded people — to move to New Hampshire. For example, in L. And I believe that… I think if an individual wants to reuse plastic bags they should. PRADO: My plan is to graduate and get my degree within two years and move over here and do some sort of teaching.

And if not, open like a restaurant or something. At the time, he was conducting research on secessionist movements, and he was feeling very disillusioned with the prospects of libertarianism in national politics. This was during the George W. Bush administration. And in the depth of his despair, Sorens proposed a solution. JASON SORENS: Maybe libertarians could try to have a libertarian state, and we could use that position to try to press for more autonomy for the state and economic policies, criminal-justice policies, things like that.

And create a freer society. And he figured that if the Free State Project could get 20, people to sign a pledge to move to this hypothetical, libertarian state, then everyone could move there en masse. They collected signatures and began casting about for a state suitable for this libertarian experiment. Even Gary Johnson got involved. For example, while New Hampshirites do pay property taxes, the state has no income or sales tax.

SORENS: New Hampshire is distinct in that it combines fairly low taxes and a fairly modest level of economic regulation with a good bit of social toleration and personal freedom.

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  5. So it just has a lot of different characteristics that make it a more libertarian state than a lot of other states, maybe more than any other state. These are all characteristics that libertarians like. And earlier this year — a decade-and-a-half after the Free State Project was conceived — the organization finally announced its twenty-thousandth signer. We are firing the starting gun on a mass migration of freedom lovers to New Hampshire. And I think we can do it. And not all Free Staters have waited for the twenty-thousandth signer to make the move. Sorens says, nearly 2, people have already moved to New Hampshire over the past decade or so.

    And he says the group has managed to establish a tight-knit community here. When a member moves to the state, for example, a handful of Free Staters usually show up to help unload their belongings. Warden himself moved from Nevada in Or raise my own food.

    Can Libertarian Gary Johnson Be a Factor in 2016?

    I want to have chicken and have a big garden so I can be self-reliant. Or maybe even live off the grid. They took the Free State pledge 15 years ago and are finally ready to move to New Hampshire. Do you have ownership of your own body or not? Are you slave to the government? They own your production, or not? So, yeah, I think people here already believe that and we want to move here and help them keep New Hampshire awesome.

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    Nor do they advocate secession, at least not openly. Sorens has grown more pragmatic, or maybe just more realistic. But I do think we can make progress on lots of different margins where we have good answers that would help people achieve their ends. This means the barriers to entry in New Hampshire state politics are pretty low.