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Outlander: Is Jamie Fraser the true love of Claire?

I'm in love with Morgan and Bennett, their chemistry is off the charts intense and they have a great banter. I loved every minute they spent together! They made me feel things. I was so connected to both of them! They were well developed. A romantic,sweet and sexy story. The writing was flawless and I couldn't stop myself from adoring the characters!

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ARC provided by author Morgan Tucker is a 25 yr. A job at the most impressive, superior tech company out there right now. She builds apps for fun as a side gig, and wants to change the scope of online dating and create something unique that will lead people to true love. To work with him she somehow needs to shake off these feelings for him. Can he just be her friend, and nothing more when he will have to see her everyday. When they take a business trip together to Vegas everything changes. He figures maybe they could get each other out of their systems while on this trip, and not get attached, but soon he realizes he wants more with her, and consequences be damned.

I really enjoyed this book and adore this authors writing so much! I loved Presley and Nathaniel also made an appearance in this story. View all 10 comments. View 1 comment. May 15, Nilufer Ozmekik rated it really liked it Shelves: i-m-intrigued. As soon as I start this book, I was afraid it was forbidden office romance and Bennett is like a douchebag character from Beautiful Bastard.

At some parts, I wanted to shake and warn her put more trust to herself and the others! And the other irritating thing was the ex wife! She was like a villain escaped from telenovelas, appears from the happiest moments of our couple, trying to ruin their lives. Her only purpose seems for putting an obstacle between Morgan and Bennett. As a summary, it was fast paced, enjoyable, hot, sexy, sweet reading. It was good to see cameos of Nathaniel and Presley from Consequence of Falling. View all 9 comments. May 14, Sabrina rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-edelweiss-netgalley.

I loved the relationship between Morgan and Bennett and I thought they were just adorable together. I can't even say they had the easiest time getting together, but the journey was so sweet that I enjoyed every moment, even the angsty ones. I liked that the book kept a really lighthearted type of feeling for the most part, but I did want a little more about Morgan's past.

It was brought up, not a lot, but often enough that it made me want to dig a little deeper and I wish we had gotten too. Especially when some things were mentioned but not in detailed and it made me curious to know what exactly had happened. Overall, I will certainly recommend this book to anyone that's looking for a sweet romance between two very fun characters. Bennett will have you swooning and Morgan will have you giving a round of applause for her kickass personality. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. View 2 comments.

Apr 17, Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle rated it it was amazing. She can write suspense, emotional, light and fun, and The Trouble with fun is the perfect sexy and entertaining romance. I am so in love with these two! I read this book with a huge smile on my face. The chemistry and banter between these two is what really sealed the deal for me when it comes to how much I enjoyed this book.

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Bennett is swoonworthy to the max. There wasn't a single moment during this book that I wasn't salivating over him. I also enjoyed Morgan. I thought she was intelligent and driven, and I loved that she had a job in a very male dominated feel. I just felt connected to her as a character. This story is very light and fun. There are conflicts, but those are easily resolved and aren't very complex. They are, however, very true to the characters and their past. It isn't a story that will move mountains, make you re-examine your life, have huge revelations.

It is a story to entertain, to escape life, to get lost in the romance of it all, and I couldn't have loved these two or their story more. The Trouble with Love is completely and totally entertainment gold. I devoured every single yummy moment.

BETA read Beta read The story starts a year prior when Bennett and Morgan meet in a bar and have a one night stand. Zoom forward and Morgan is interviewing with Bennett's father for a job in his company. This is where they both realized who the other is.. Morgan giving her middle name as her name when they first met and Bennett being Morgan's brother's best friend. It's just a tad complicated. What's not co 4. What's not complicated is their feelings Morgan makes apps and she's currently working on a dating app.

She's a believer in building a strong foundation first She was cheated on so that is a big no-no for her. Bennett was cheated on as well and he's being very angry so he's surprised by wanting to have a relationship with Morgan. He's also very aware that her brother, Devon, wouldn't take it very well. It's not hard to figure out what happens. There's a lot of drama and some miscommunication - or no communication. They both do what they do best.

I was pretty grossed out about Morgan's Mom Not really sure that could be forgivable but I have to give Morgan kudos. Also, I loved her brother, Devon. How he handled things was amazing. Bennett's parents were pretty amazing too. I enjoyed how Bennett and Morgan worked on what they wanted and what was best for them. View all 8 comments. May 13, Lien marked it as dnf Shelves: reviewed , arc. I mark books as DNF even if I just read a few pages and realize that I'm not in the mood for that kind of book.

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  • Once marked as DNF I very rarely try it again at a later time. I wanted to like this book so much but it just didn't work for me. Bennett and Morgan meet at a bar, say some superficial stuff and have a rather awkward conversation, then they decide to fuck. Cue fade to black scene. I just couldn't see when exactly they got to that point. They haven't even had a real personal conversation yet and those they had were awkward to me or were about work.

    Idk it all just felt very forced and unnatural. I get that people can be instantly attracted to each other but the fade to black sex they had didn't really help with my impression.

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    The chemistry just wasn't there. As I said before, it felt like some steps were skipped. May 16, Rejane marked it as not-interested. Jul 09, Hannah rated it liked it Shelves: romance. This was lovely - but also kind of forgettable. Morgan is starting her dream job at a company she has always wanted to work at - but her boss' son is not only her brother's best friend but her one night stand from a year ago.

    Bennett is relatively newly divorced and really does not believe in love any more - and he thinks that his best friend's younger sister is seriously off-limits for him. Obviously this is not how it works out. I enjoyed how clever and driven Morgan is and I did like how very This was lovely - but also kind of forgettable. I enjoyed how clever and driven Morgan is and I did like how very nice these two are to each other.

    I am not the biggest fan of the "super evil ex-wife" trope though and as such could not really warm to the book as a whole. I knew without a doubt that I would love this book because Claire Contreras is that good and I was right! This was amazing. I'm immediately sucked in to the world she creates. But taking this type of female-centric storytelling seriously, on its own terms, reveals its refreshing aspects.

    It allows women readers to identify with a fictional world and express themselves within its borders; to explore a particular set of desires, forbidden or forgotten elsewhere; to self-prioritize, feel vicariously fulfilled, and take a deliriously fun break. Only Jamie Fraser is there, which makes it a way better bubble bath. Fan outpouring is verbose, creative, and giddy because Outlander provides a safe, sanctioned place to expand.

    Tracy Sterling said her Instagram account, outlanderobsessed , was born of excess enthusiasm; she was watching alone and brimming with feeling. Desire is its lifeblood—its storytelling crests with want and reconciles upon satisfaction.

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    But the best romance stories speak to the non-romantic needs of their characters, too, and Claire wants everything. That makes the Outlander fantasy really about getting yours, in every way: experiencing hunger and sating it, yearning for fulfillment and attaining it, writing yourself actively and unflinchingly into your own fantasy. In a barren, dude-ly media landscape, women are congregating where female bodies and hearts have gravitational pull; here, all your limitless yearning, the stuff even you dismissed as unrealistic or ridiculous, is treated with seriousness.

    As possibility. In many ways, loving Outlander is less about minutiae than about big feeling, broad implications. The series is speaking to both our innermost wishful selves. Despite their different sexual experiences and history, Jamie knew that Claire was the only woman he wanted to kiss for the rest of his life.

    This line is so beloved by fans that it is featured on an Outlander t-shirt. This is what Jamie said to Claire when he was explaining why he married her.

    These two keep falling in love with each other each and every day, making Jamie and Claire true relationshipgoals.