Athens, WI: The Place Where Time Stood Still

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Discover the people, the neighbourhoods, the architecture that make Athens one of the most exciting city break destinations in the world. The modern cultural highlights, sitting right alongside the ancient classics. From the welcoming arms of Naxos, to the charm of Amorgos, and simplicity and natural beauty of the Small Cyclades… an island hopping adventure that both satisfies your appetite and leaves you yearning for your journey to never end.

Those colours, those buildings, that sea… and, above all, that incredible light.

Common Sense - Time stood still

For history enthusiasts, the spectacular heritage of Greece is akin to Disneyworld for a six-year-old. Bathed in the open sunlight, sand coloured columns and crumbling temple walls have stood before the passing of empires. As the cradle of Western civilisation and the birth of the Olympics, walking the archaeological ruins of Olympia is breathtaking, especially as the whole stadium is made of marble.

Olympia became the most sacred place for the worship of Zeus. In his name, the temple was the largest and most significant building at Olympia and was regarded as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Just hours from Athens the stories of classical Greece are etched within the preserved cities. The pastoral villages where time seems to have stood still, have a rustic and captivating charm, while the harmonious and industrial lives of those in the coastal fishing villages are a tranquil reprieve for travellers.

Our road trip takes you from Athens and head north to Chalkida , the main town of the second largest island Euboea. This is a great spot to continue on to the fascinating Monasteries at Meteora. Here, around 4 hours drive north of Athens, tall slices of sandstone pierce into the burning sky and remnants of the original 24 monasteries remain. For hikers, the sweeping views from the summits make it perfect climbing country. Another stop on the winding drive through Greece is the city of Thessaloniki , else known as Salonika.

They were the first in Europe to hear him preaching. Among them was Lydia, a noble woman from Thyateira of Asia Minor.

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She was the first to be baptized and helped remarkably to spreading the word of God. In Philippi, Paul and Silas were accused of provoking abnormalities in the city and for having habits unusual for the Romans. The two men were caned and imprisoned but a massive earthquake spread panic in the city.

The two Apostles prevent him from harming himself. He then believes in God, he and his family got baptized and the two Apostles were accommodated in his house. Apostle Paul will keep close relationships with the people from Philippi and will boost them financially several times even when he was imprisoned in Rome. Seven years after his first visit, he will return to Philippi and then visit the place three more times on April of 57, in spring of 63 and winter of Amphipolis-Apollonia Although they were cities of great importance in the area, Apostle Paul passed them by without stopping.

He was on a hurry to reach Thessaloniki where he knew there was a synagogue.

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Thessaloniki When they reached Thessaloniki it was fall of Apostles Paul and Silas found the city completely different from what they had seen so far. It was a free from Roman occupation city since B. There was also a synagogue close to the port, as the Acts inform us. Apostles Paul went there for three Saturdays. As we are informed, he discussed with the attendants and interprets them abstracts from Holy Bible which mention that Jesus should have been crucified and resurrect from the dead.

Many of the neophyte Greeks believed, as well as several women who stood out in the city's society. We do not know exactly how many were the first Christians but we know for sure that a church was established in Thessaloniki. During the night Paul and Silas left the city. These are the only facts known about his stay in Thessaloniki. According to the existing tradition, as he left in a hurry, chased by his fellow countrymen, he came out of a high spot on the walls probably from a small door where later Vlatades monastery was established.

East of the position where now Vlatades monastery stands used to be a spring. It is said that he stopped there to drink some water. After the liberation of Thessaloniki, a church in his honor was constructed in this place and the Holy Water became well known.

Nowadays, a modern imposing church is the proof that Apostle Paul visited Thessaloniki, preached there and brought Greeks close to Christianity. They walked for a while on Egnatia Road and changed their route close to Pella, crossing a lush green fruitful and beautiful area.

Veria was a very busy city with great population and had a flourishing synagogue.