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Wanda visits Archie to inquire where the diamonds are.

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While she is flirting with Archie in his home, jealous Otto jumps out and interrupts them. Ken tries to kill the old lady with a bulldog. But the bulldog has no hostility towards the old woman, but her little dogs. It bites one of them and kills it! Ken is so disappointed and sad about the poor little dog! Wanda and Archie keep dating. Though Otto is making trouble around them, the American girl and English man find the things they desire from each other and fall in love.

Wanda insists she wants her necklace back. At last, Archie has to steal the necklace from his own home. Ken continues his mission. This time he tries to kill the old lady by making setting up a car accident. They then go to have sex. While Archie is taking off all his closes, some tenants come and this makes him flounder. Ken is making his third attempt to kill the old lady: He drops heavy weights from a hoist while she is going out of her house with her last little dog.

Of course, it goes wrong one more time: The weights miss the old woman and crush the dog!

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Joe Alves. Dan Lomino.

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George Jensen. Michael Kahn. Geoffrey Rowland. Charles Bornstein. Phil Abramson. Bill Parks. Sam Gordon. Jim Linn.

John Williams. Kenneth Wannberg. John Neal. Frank Warner. Richard Oswald. David Horton. Sam Gemette. Gary S. Chet Slomka. Neil Burrow. Steve Katz. Jack Schrader. Gene Cantamesa. Dick Friedman. Robert A. Bill Jackson. Colin Cantwell. Buzz Knudson. Don MacDougall.

Robert Glass. Douglas Trumbull. Carlo Rambaldi. Roy Arbogast. Dan Perri. Richard Yuricich. Matthew Yuricich. Robert Shepherd. Larry Robinson.

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Dave Stewart. Gregory Jein. Robert Swarthe. Robert Hall. Don Jarel. Dennis Muren. Mona Thal Benefiel. Dave Berry. Eugene Eyerly. Maxwell Morgan. Ron Peterson. Eldon Rickman. Robert Hollister. David Hardberger. Alan Harding. Bruce Nicholson. Richard Rippel. Scott Squires. Marcia Reid. Richard Dow. Jor Van Kline. Michael McMillen. Kenneth Swenson. Robert Worthington. Don Trumbull. John Russell. Fries Engineering. George Polkinghorne. Jerry L. Alvah J.

Peter Regla. Dan Slater. Rocco Gioffre. David Gold. Ray Rich. Charles Hinkle. Harry Moreau. Carol Boardman. Eleanor Dahlen.

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Cy Didjurgis. Tom Koester. Bill Millar. Conne Morgan. Joyce Goldberg. Peggy Rosson. Glenn Erickson. Hoyt Yeatman. Joseph Ippolito. Bill Bethea. Don Dow. Tom Hollister. Barbara Morrison. Peter Anderson. Larry Albright. Richard Bennett. Ken Ebert. Paul Huston. David M. Kevin Kelly. Jim Lutes. George Randle. Jeff Shapiro. Rourke Engineering.

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Edie Panda. Kendall Cooper. Judy Bornstein. Rick Fields. Gail Siemers. Janet Healy. Pat Burns. Shari Rhodes. Juliette Taylor. Sally Dennison. Seth Winston. Charlsie Bryant. Al Ebner. Murray Weissman. Pickwick Public Relations. Steve Warner. Joe O'Har. Buddy Joe Hooker. Robert M. Al Stillman. Robert Allen. Ned Washington. Bernard Barnes. Leigh Harline. Bob Nolan. Joseph Raposo. Carl Winge. Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

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