28 days to a lean body The secret to losing weight ultra-fast

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Our guide will show you how to run into a healthier you—and you might even enjoy yourself along the way. Hey, you. Feeling a bit dejected on your weight loss journey—or perhaps journeys? Maybe you started putting the effort in but stopped, discouraged by the lack of results, only to pick it back up and repeat the same cycle over. Before you start rolling your eyes in exasperation, take a deep breath and relax. We know what a daunting challenge running for weight loss may seem, but this guide is tailor-made for beginners.

Use our full guide to get started on your weight loss journey, or jump to a specific section by clicking below:. You want to lose fat? The breakdown is simple: to lose weight, you need to sustain a calorie deficit diet.

How to Get the Best Results on the Keto Diet

Researchers say that in order to lose a pound per week, you need to maintain a 3, calorie deficit. That means your running plan for weight loss needs to clock you in at about negative calories per day. Combine those two numbers and stack the result up against the number of calories you consume per day. To tone your tummy, you need to reduce your overall BMI or body mass index, a measurement of your body fat based on your height and weight , and running for weight loss is the best way to do so. Not sold? Trust the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory instead, whose study reports that runners are leaner and lighter than individuals who did equivalent amounts of any other type of exercise.

You might have heard people preach about getting up early, rolling out of bed, sliding into their running shoes and heading out the door for a morning jog. If you value you your sleep as much as most do, you might think these people are crazy. Cut more calories while doing nothing at all? Yes, please.

Running for Weight Loss

The moral here: get up and move—the earlier the better. Pulling those old Chuck Taylors out of your closest to pound pavement will set you up for a world of trouble—shin splints and knee pains galore. Ladies who are looking for a running program to lose weight should check out running shoes for women which are anatomically designed for narrower female feet. Keeping track of this is paramount for staying in a calorie deficit, so we recommend keeping an activity log to record your data.

Running apps—instead of taking it upon yourself and measure your distance and tracking your calories, take advantage of a bevy of apps that can do it for you.

1, Calorie Diet Menu - 7 Day Lose 20 Pounds Weight Loss Meal Plan

Interval training is definitely the most effective running program to lose weight. The periods of high intensity increase the stimulus in your muscles, thus achieving a much greater effect in the same amount of time as a moderate base run. Incorporating interval training into your running plan for weight loss will help you cut tons of calories in a relatively short time. As an added bonus, your muscles require a lot of energy after a high-intensity push in order to recover and regenerate, creating that after-burn effect while your metabolism stays elevated and your body continues to burn calories.

If your natural pace is 5 miles per hour, try to up your ante for a few segments. Apps like Runtastic have an Interval Trainer feature with a Voice Coach that tells you when to start and stop each period. Prefer to run free and unencumbered? Try going by landmarks instead, sprinting and walking between each lamp post, for example.

Baby steps. By the end of your first month of running for weight loss, you should be able to sustain a base run for nearly 30 minutes. If you make no change to your diet, it could take you around 18 days or so to drop a single pound. Cut out calories from your diet and perform the daily two-mile jog—you could lose a pound per week.

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Running releases so much more than just energy and sweat. Run to explore, run to escape. Take your running for weight loss to the trails, get into nature, away from the congestion and clear your head a bit. Your running plan for weight loss will do a lot more than help you thin down. Some additional health benefits you stand to enjoy include:. The list goes on and on. When you want to take control of your health, you need a paradigm shift.

Road Runner Sports has you covered on all things running, from shoes to apparel to expert advice. Stop by one of our locations and let one of our Fit Pros analyze your run to help you find the perfect shoe, or browse our online catalog to explore the ways we can help you on your running and weight loss journey. Thank you for talking about how important it is to warm up to prevent injuries. Have just started to try beginner interval running in one of my many attempts to lose weight and follow a healthier lifestyle Am hoping that this will eventually become a sustainable passion for me.

To lose weight faster, you need to avoid doing the same workouts every day. Running does help a lot, but you should essentially mix it with some cardio and other exercises. You should at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight daily. When you are on a low calorie diet you have to be careful to avoid losing muscle. For this reason you should be consuming more protein to ensure you are building muscle during your leaning phase. So if you weigh lbs you should eat at least g of protein a day. If you have trouble eating that much protein try drinking protein shakes.

Great sources of protein include chicken, lean steaks, beans, or salmon. If you are vegan there are plenty of vegan protein options for you too! There are certain foods that you should be eating plenty of to get shredded. These 5 foods are specifically chosen because they are lean sources that are packed with protein to add muscle or include fiber to make you feel fuller to avoid cravings.

A lot of this is drastic because of the decreased carbohydrate intake which means you have less glycogen stores so your body does not retain as much water. You will also at times feel a bit tired because of the decrease in your carbohydrates; however, your body will adjust to this low intake. Furthermore, initially your strength may decrease the first few days because you may be more tired from less carbs.

You must plan ahead and this starts with planning your meals. If you know what to eat, how much and when to eat, then there is no deviation from your diet. Furthermore, there are fewer cravings when you know exactly what to eat based on a schedule. Avoid that! To stay motivated you should also take weekly pictures of yourself. Nothing keeps you on track then seeing you lean you look with each progressive week.

Furthermore, you need to give into your cravings — sometimes. If you restrict too much it can turn into a binge.

What’s The Most Weight You Can Lose Per Week?

Each Sunday give yourself time to have a cheat meal when you can eat whatever you want — for one meal! No restrictions! This will get you focused pack on track Monday morning to resume a strict diet for the rest of the week. It is not that simple. Your diet plan is dependent on your metabolism, workout routine, work schedule and preferences for foods. For this reason, when I am with clients I generally provide them a plan specific for them that they can adhere to. Below you will see a diet that I am following as a lb male that workouts 5 days a week high intensity, that enjoys to lift in the evenings.

Notice that I do not provide a meal plan for each day; rather, I give different options of foods that may be consumed for each meal to provide them with variety, but still adhere to the calories required. Below is my personal meal plan. You will notice that in my plan I tend to eat chicken for breakfast, but that is not for everyone.

If you want to eat egg whites then switch the meals. The point is that eating these meals with the key 5 foods will get you lean, but mix it up in a way that allows you to stick to the diet. If you weigh less, or train less, you should not be consuming the same number of calories as me! Refer to my previous article on how many calories you should consume a day. Make adjustments on your portions as needed, but stick to the main key foods in this diet.

After 28 days you will lean and shredded and look the best you ever will look in your life! But you got to maintain that look.

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I take weekly pictures to see what I look like. In my last article I mentioned that I was doing intermittent fasting while working on night float for August After that month I got lean, however, I felt so tired probably from sleeping 4 hours a day , and my workouts were slow and I lost strength.

So on Labor Day of September , I decided to increase my carbohydrates slightly and noticed I could train harder.

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  6. In turn I got stronger and now I am even leaner. I take pictures and I can now adjust my diet accordingly. In turn, the positive feedback I get from people keeps me inspired to stay on my diet. It is a lot easier to also stick to my diet when I notice that it is increasing my confidence, my performance playing ice hockey and giving my greater energy levels at work. Whenever you get positive feedback, use that to keep yourself on your diet.